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Generation Family Tree

Generation Family Tree

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"Generation Family Tree" Sites

The Hashemite Family Tree
Hashemite Family Tree showing the lineage from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
to King Hussein. King Hussein is the 42nd generation direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. Biographical information available on a number of descendents of the Prophet.   Society: Genealogy: Royalty  

Markley Family Tree
Franklin's branch in photographs and text. Focus is on the generations from John Markley of Somerset County, PA USA; includes Merkle relations.   Society: Genealogy: Surnames: M  

Siddiqui Family
Family tree and webpages for more than ten generations of Siddiqui family.   Society: Genealogy: Surnames: S  

Blenk Generation
Family Tree commencing from the 16th century covering Holland, Germany, UK and USA.   Society: Genealogy: Surnames: B  

Family history and personal interests of Jim Corley of Manchester, GA USA. Includes family tree, biography, generation report, hobbies, and photographs.   Society: Genealogy: Surnames: C  

Descendants of William Henry Barlar (Barlow)
and Susan Frances Phillips of Giles County, TN. Includes early generation photos, family tree, and explanation of why the surname was changed.   Home: Family: Family Websites: B  

Mohammed Jaffer Tungekar Family Tree
This site has the genealogy of Mohammed Jaffer Tungekar who settled in Uran, Bombay. The site has a family tree for his ancestors up 6 levels and 6 generations of descendants.   Regional: Asia: India: Society and Culture: Genealogy  

Mark Odam's family tree with 9 generations of Odam dating back to 1700. Includes photos and family history. tree home page.htm   Home: Family: Family Websites: O  

Canine Family Tree
Offering pedigree research up to eight generations and a specialised printing service. Includes testimonials and available options.   Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs: Dogs: Pedigree Services  

Genius Family Tree
Family tree software that displays four generations on-screen, including parents, grandparents, one partner, up to two siblings and four children.   Regional: Oceania: Australia: Queensland: Society and Culture: Genealogy  

Keyserlingk Family
Brings together information on 23 generations of the Keyserlingk family, including the Baron and Count branches. It also allows for searches on the family tree and building relationship trees. It contains family history as well as information on family reunions.   Regional: Europe: Germany: Society and Culture: Genealogy: Surnames  

Maydene Field Spaniels, Publications, and Gardens
UK Field Spaniel fancier since 1984. Photos and family tree of several generations of dogs.   Recreation: Pets: Dogs: Breeds: Sporting-Gundog Group: Field Spaniel: Breeders: Europe  

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