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Funny Quotes

Funny Quotes

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Recreation: Humor: Job-Related  
Reference: Quotations: Religion and Spirituality  
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"Funny Quotes" Sites

Funny Quotes
Searchable archive of humorous quotes. Also includes a table of contents sorted alphabetically by last name.   Recreation: Humor: Quotations  

Funny Old Game
Includes funny pictures, games, stories, quotes, and jokes.   Sports: Soccer: Fun  

Barber Humor
A collection of quotes and funny sayings relating to the business of cutting hair.   Recreation: Humor: Job-Related  

Short Quotes Funny Sayings
A blog with quotations and commentary from religious and spiritual leaders.   Reference: Quotations: Religion and Spirituality  

John Petrie's Collection of Miscellaneous Quotes
Hundreds of the greatest, most famous quotations from across the spread of time: deep, witty, funny, philosophical, inspirational, sports, science, and everything in between.   Reference: Quotations: Personal Pages  

Breaking Set
Collection of funny essays, quotes, poems, songs and cartoons of a humorous nature. Midwestern humor at its best.   Recreation: Humor: Jokes: Small Collections  

Funny Designs
Features funny pictures, quotes, and jokes on t-shirts.   Shopping: Clothing: Casual: T-Shirts: Humor  

Qiu, Joy
A math teacher married to a United States Marine Officer. Includes pictures, funny quotes from teachers, a journal, and various links.   Society: People: Personal Homepages: Q  

Woody Allen Quotes
Collection of funny quotes attributed to Woody Allen.   Arts: People: A: Allen, Woody  

Poems and Quotes
Presents poems classified by subject, including love, friendship, life, occasional poems, and funny and sad poems. Users can review and rate poems, as well as submitting their own.   Arts: Online Writing: Poetry: Showcases  

April Fool's Day
Includes hoaxes, pranks, gag gifts, trivia, history, quotes, messages, funny party ideas and April Fool recipes.   Society: Holidays: April Fool's Day  

A Hopeless World
Murphy's laws, quotes, taglines, last words, sayings of losers, and funny definitions.   Recreation: Humor: Satire  

Jokes, quotes, cartoons, funny stories, tips and trivia related mainly to women's health.   Recreation: Humor: Medical  

Comedy Zone
Pictures, jokes and funny quotes, information on TV, film and stand-up comedy plus a directory of humor sites.   Recreation: Humor: Directories  

Death By Laughter
Funny jokes, pictures, and quotes.   Recreation: Humor: Pranks  

Pavasovic, Tamara
Includes pictures from vacations, family, school, and concerts. It also features country music lyrics, bible verses, funny canonical lists, movie and book quotes, my essays and papers, and resume.   Society: People: Personal Homepages: P  

Barking Spider
All clean jokes, all the time. A categorized site offering humorous perspectives, topical dictionaries, funny quotes, redneck jokes, bloopers, political satire, and funny lists.   Recreation: Humor: Jokes: Clean  

Engineering Humor
Jokes, cartoons, funny theorems and quotes.   Recreation: Humor: Science: Engineering  

Button Hell
Presents offensive, musical, funny, quotes, and custom buttons.   Shopping: General Merchandise: Novelties  

Soul Twins
Free animated postcards with funny and inspirational quotes, including animal cards, nature photography.   Computers: Internet: E-mail: E-greetings  


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