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Funny Picture

Funny Picture

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Recreation: Humor: Mailing Lists  
Recreation: Pets: Cats: Image Galleries  
Recreation: Humor: Visual  
Recreation: Humor: Interactive  

"Funny Picture" Sites
A collection of jokes, funny pictures and cartoons and captioned photos.   Recreation: Humor: Archives  

Gadget's Gags
Jokes, adult humor, funny pictures and video clips sent out by e-mail to members.   Recreation: Humor: Mailing Lists  

Funny Pictures Lady
Pictures by photographer Kat Caverly.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Image Galleries  

Funny Pictures Lady
Humorous photos of dogs, cats, people, babies and animals.   Recreation: Humor: Visual  

Mystery Pics: Funny Captions and Pictures
Funny captions accompany humorous photos. Submit a picture or your own caption.   Recreation: Humor: Interactive  

Funny Pictures of Celebrities
Photographs, cartoons, animations, and caricatures of famous people.   Arts: People: Image Galleries
Funny pictures and videos of cats and kittens. Also includes articles, information on breeds, forum, and shopping center.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Humor  

Funny Postcard
Offers a doggone funny picture gallery that can be sent as electronic postcards.   Recreation: Pets: Dogs: Humor
Includes rankings for guys, girls and both. Also has a funny pictures section.   Recreation: Picture Ratings  

Roadkill Around the World
This site is about educating people on roadkill. It contains pictures and other funny stuff.   Recreation: Humor: Jokes: Tasteless
A collection of funny pictures and occasion greetings for holidays and everyday. Paper versions available.   Computers: Internet: E-mail: E-greetings: Humor  

Weird Images Celebrities
Funny pictures of celebrities with strange diseases like Big Head Syndrome.   Recreation: Humor: Celebrities  

Wal-Mart Cart Crew
Funny stories, information and pictures from the crew from Supercenter 0766.   Recreation: Humor: Job-Related  

Stupid Pictures
View funny pictures and doctored images, featuring famous people, animals plus classic faked photos. Visitors can submit their own material.   Recreation: Humor: Weird Graphics  

The Mountain Biking Madness Album
Humorous articles and funny pictures about mountain biking, written by a freelance writer.   Recreation: Humor: Sports  

Original Pranksters Hangout
Site features original movie clips of pranks, a collection of funny videos, pictures and links to humor sites.   Recreation: Humor: Pranks
Online football community which features include away guide, chants, book reviews, site reviews, message boards, funny pictures and quotes, free ringtone codes, and celebrity fans.   Sports: Soccer: Fun  

Softbiz Jokes and Funny Pictures Script
A content management system provides great way for starting own jokes site. Advertising opportunities include banner ads, google adwords, affiliate ads. [Commercial]   Computers: Programming: Languages: PHP: Scripts: Content Management  

Kongutamil : Tamil Songs,Jokes,Greeting cards,Funny Pictures & more
Collection of links to magazines, newspapers, useful sites of Government of India and Tamil Nadu, engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, songs, jokes, free greeting cards and free Kongutamil e-mail.   Regional: Asia: India: Tamil Nadu: Society and Culture: Personal Pages  

Collection of WTC Humor
Osama Bin Laden funny pictures and jokes   Society: Issues: Terrorism: Terrorist Organizations: Al-Qaida: Osama bin Laden: Humor  


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