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Free Space Optics

Free Space Optics

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Business: Aerospace and Defense: Space  
Science: Physics: Optics: Equipment and Instruments  
Science: Technology: Electrical Engineering: Communications  
Science: Technology: Space: NASA: Education  

"Free Space Optics" Sites

CableFree Solutions Limited
CableFree manufactures and markets free space optics equipment with E1, SDH, and Ethernet interfaces for enterprise and carrier applications.   Business: Telecommunications: Equipment: Microwave: Free Space Optical  

Lambda-X Optics
Design, image processing and metrology optics for space instrumentation.   Business: Aerospace and Defense: Space  

Space Optics Research Labs (SORL)
precision aspheric optics

The company produces a wide range of aspheric reflective components, systems, and accessories that provide precise solutions to the problems of optical testing in the airborne, space-based, and astronomical applications.   Science: Physics: Optics: Equipment and Instruments  

Free Space Optics
In-depth information about the technology and its history. Includes operational notes, glossary, and FAQs.   Science: Technology: Electrical Engineering: Communications  

Space Optics Manufacturing Technology Center--Education
Offers educator guides, information, and project details related to NASA's space optics program.   Science: Technology: Space: NASA: Education  

Optischer Richtfunk - Free Space Optics (FSO)

Informationen zur optischen Freiraum├╝bertragung. Infrarot Laser-basierende kabellose Punkt-zu-Punkt-Verbindungen f├╝r Fast und Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel und STM-1 bis STM-16.   World: Deutsch: Computer: Netzwerk: Anleitungen, Hilfen und FAQs  

Composite Optics, Inc.
provider of advanced composite products for the space and aerospace markets.   Business: Aerospace and Defense: Aeronautical: Aircraft and Components: Components and Parts  

Scuba masks that quadruple underwater field-of-view compared to flat masks. The optics were designed by the engineers NASA hired to fix the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Sporting Goods: Water Sports: Scuba Diving  

Ray Shore's Astronomy and Astrophotography Site
Gallery, equipment, Jupiter album, moon video, optics calculations, space news, message forum, remote photos, quizzes, and links.   Science: Astronomy: Amateur: Astrophotography and CCD Imaging: Images  

Tinsley Laboratories
Specializes in the manufacture of aspherical optics and light-weighted Beryllium mirrors using computer-controlled optical surfacing technologies. The company is famous for producing the optics within the COSTAR optical package which corrected the Hubble Space Telescope's optical flaws.   Science: Astronomy: Business: Telescopes, Binoculars and Accessories: Manufacturers  

National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC)

Collaborative research and education initiative focused on selected key scientific disciplines. Including the disciplines of earth science, space science, materials science, biotechnology, advanced optics technology, space propulsion physics and information technology.   Regional: North America: United States: Government: Research Institutes  

Laser Mechanisms Inc.
Offers replacement parts and service for most brands of laser cutting machines. Includes optics, manifold and optic assemblies, gas jet tips, tip retainers and extensions, space blocks, and lenses.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Cutting and Machining: Cutting Machinery: Lasers  

UK Broadband
A network operator providing Broadband Internet access for businesses and residential users in the East of England using a combination of installed fibre and the latest radio, microwave and free space-optics technologies.   Computers: Internet: Access Providers: Wireless: Regional: Europe: United Kingdom  

Department of Electrical Engineering
Courses and research are available in the fields of communications, control systems, electromagnetics, electronic materials and devices, electro-optics, power systems, signal and image processing, remote sensing and space systems. Offers programme, resaeach and organizational information, events, facilities and contact details.   Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities: North America: United States: Pennsylvania: Penn State University: University Park: Departments and Programs: Engineering  

111 Chelsea LLC
Average floor spaces of 160,000 square feet, multi-fiber optics, and enormous electrical capacity and is equipped for the most stringent requirements of today's businesses.   Regional: North America: United States: New York: Localities: N: New York City: Manhattan: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Commercial  

Communications by Light (CBL)

Designs and manufactures free space optics systems for transmission of up to 155 Mbps.   Business: Telecommunications: Equipment: Microwave: Free Space Optical  

Dominion Lasercom, Inc.
Manufactures CLASS 3R free space optics systems that operate at 10Mbps and 100Mbps. CLASS 3R infred lasers are skin safe but intrabeam viewing viewing at the aperature is potentially hazardous.   Business: Telecommunications: Equipment: Microwave: Free Space Optical  

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