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Free Hu File

Free Hu File

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"Free Hu File" Sites

Advanced File Organizer
Windows cataloging tool for organizing disks. It helps to catalog all files, folders and volumes by hierarchical categories.   Computers: Software: File Management  

DaubNET File Format Collection
The full specifications of various file formats.   Computers: Data Formats  

Multi-string search-and-replace utility and other file utilities
Provides free plug-ins for Word and Excel to help perform multi-replacement operations. Also provides other utilities.   Computers: Software: Freeware  

The File Transit
Shareware and freeware site supporting over 25 platforms. Ratings, reviews, screenshots, downloads, and in-depth information are available for each software title. Support PAD submissions.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Directories  

File Backup Watcher
The program can backup data on HDD, floppy, ZIP, CD-RW and has a comfortable scheduler. Also, has opportunity to work through the network. Two versions are available Professional and Home Edition.   Computers: Software: Backup  

X-Files Comics Checklist
Chronological list of comic books, with summaries and descriptions.   Arts: Television: Programs: Science Fiction and Fantasy: X: X-Files, The  

WWW File Share
File sharing system with a browser-based client allowing sharing amongst closed networks of friends.   Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: File Sharing  

Secure Directory File Transfer System
An essential tool for organizations that demand the ultimate in security. This "special purpose firewall" will safeguard the privacy of your data residing on a private network, while at the same time, providing an inflow of information from the Internet or any other outside network.   Computers: Security: Products and Tools  

PC Inspector File Recovery
Free data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems. Finds partitions automatically, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged (does not work with the NTFS file system)
.   Computers: Software: Disk Management: Error Checking and Repair  

Samantha Alana Mulder's X-Files Page
Angst, Mulder/Scully romances, and humor stories. Some fiction is only available via an e-mail link to the author. Also includes a small section of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z stories.   Arts: Television: Programs: Science Fiction and Fantasy: X: X-Files, The: Fan Works: Fan Fiction  

Compuware's File-aid Products
Provides an enterprise data management workbench, to quickly and easily find, create, extract, transfer, convert, load, edit, age and maintain data.   Computers: Software: File Management  

Almost Every File Format in the World
Names many file formats and their extensions.   Computers: Data Formats  

Oxpus file manager
Free software program for Windows and Linux / Unix. [Requires Java VM]   Computers: Software: Freeware  

File Hungry
Download top rated shareware, freeware, commercial demos for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/NT, Linux, Macintosh, Palm, and Win CE. Searchable database is updated daily.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Directories  

LinkPro Technologies
Automatic file replication and backup software provides data protection and disaster recovery, file sharing, and web content synchronization.   Computers: Software: Backup  

Fortress of Loligo
Essays about the show and its characters, drawn from posts to the news group.   Arts: Television: Programs: Science Fiction and Fantasy: X: X-Files, The  

The Ballad Free File Sharing Network
Allow users of several file sharing programs to connect to their network of servers to search for and download items in a P2P environment.   Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: File Sharing  

Access control and verification, protection for sensitive files and folders, log usage, customizable desktop environment, administration, and limit use.   Computers: Security: Products and Tools  

LC Technology
File recovery and hard drive data recovery software.   Computers: Software: Disk Management: Error Checking and Repair  

AV's X-Files Fanfic Collection
Links and archive of works; submissions accepted.   Arts: Television: Programs: Science Fiction and Fantasy: X: X-Files, The: Fan Works: Fan Fiction  


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