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Free Coloring Book

Free Coloring Book

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Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Drawing and Coloring: Printable Coloring Pages  
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"Free Coloring Book" Sites

Games and activities for children age 2 and up. Includes coloring book fun, memory game, counting and letters.   Kids and Teens: Pre-School  

InteliHealth: Visiting a Pediatrician
Printable coloring book, available in .gif and .pdf formats, helps prepare children for a visit to the doctor.   Kids and Teens: Health  

BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator
On-line coloring books and pages to download and color. Learn to draw BlackDog, play with the refrigerator stickers or submit your own art to post on the refrigerator.   Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Drawing and Coloring  

Bistro Sinistro Coloring Book
Robots, monsters, beasties and all manner of spooky creatures to print and color.   Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Drawing and Coloring: Printable Coloring Pages  

Good Sports Gang
Includes character profiles, games, coloring book, music, and an animated read along story.   Kids and Teens: Pre-School  

Safety Bear Coloring Book
Features printable coloring pages for kids on safety at home, school, and playing outside.   Kids and Teens: Health: Safety  

Cartoon Critters
Online coloring book, cartoons to print and color and online games. Learn to draw cartoons step by step, see the characters other kids have drawn, and share your work.   Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Drawing and Coloring  

Land of Music Coloring Book
A world where notes, other musical symbols and instruments come alive. Print and color the characters.   Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Drawing and Coloring: Printable Coloring Pages  

Preschool Coloring Book: Food
Provides pictures to print out and color.   Kids and Teens: Pre-School: Food  

A Solar System Coloring Book
Pictures to color and information about the planets, sun, asteroids and comets.   Kids and Teens: Pre-School: Outer Space  

Animated Animals Coloring Book
Coloring pages by Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Features an animal for each letter of the alphabet.   Kids and Teens: Pre-School: Animals  

Happy Earth Day Coloring Book
Offers downloadable 11-page coloring book from Environmental Protection Agency. In .pdf format.   Kids and Teens: People and Society: Holidays and Special Days: Earth Day  

Dole 5 A Day
Fun games, puzzles, songs, and coloring book about fruits and vegetables.   Kids and Teens: Health: Nutrition  

Kamran and Mapa
A flying elephant sets out for adventure with his kangaroo friend. Includes puzzles and a coloring book feature.   Kids and Teens: Arts: Online Stories  

Book Hive
Guide to children's books categorized by genre and reading level. Includes coloring activities, a quiz, and story telling.   Kids and Teens: School Time: English: Literature  

Endangered Species Coloring Book
Learn about many species that are threatened, including where they live, what they eat, and how they are protected.   Kids and Teens: School Time: Science: Living Things: Animals: Endangered Species  

DLTK's Children's Book Breaks
Free printable instructions and templates for crafts, coloring pages, and other activities to accompany favorite children's books.   Arts: Literature: Children's  

Golden Books Publishing
Publishes storybooks, educational workbooks, coloring and activity books, novelty books, reference books, chapter books, and the Little Golden Books series. Free online children's games and e-books.   Business: Publishing and Printing: Publishing: Books: Children  

Clare's Coloring Cottage
Large selection of coloring books for kids of all ages.   Shopping: Publications: Books: Children: Activity  

Agricultural Marketing Service Farmers Markets
Links to resources and information, an interactive map by states to find local markets, and a kids coloring book.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry  


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