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File Format

File Format

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  1. Computers: Data Formats   (52 matches)
  2. Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows   (23)
  3. Computers: Systems: Handhelds: Palm OS: Programming: File Formats   (6)
  4. Computers: Software: Backup   (5)
  5. Computers: CAD and CAM: Drawing Exchange and Interoperability   (5)

"File Format" in Open Directory Sites (1-20 of 821)

  1. DaubNET File Format Collection - The full specifications of various file formats.
    --   Computers: Data Formats   (52)

  2. i7 Technologies - Providing small Windows utility programs for a specific purpose, 'Bookman Pro' easy handbook creation, 'Disk Serializer' change the serial number of the hard disk drive, 'AuditionIT!' simplifies the Auditioning of sample Files in Wave Format.
    --   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows   (23)

  3. PRC Format - An attempt to decipher and describe the PalmPilot .prc file format.
    --   Computers: Systems: Handhelds: Palm OS: Programming: File Formats   (6)

  4. Almost Every File Format in the World - Names many file formats and their extensions.
    --   Computers: Data Formats   (52)

  5. MP3 Audio Recorder - Record sound from a microphone, line-in, streaming audio from the Internet, or play music. Recorded sound can be saved in WAV-file format or mp3 format. Extra tools: MP3 to WAV tool, WAV to MP3 tool, and tag editor.
    --   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Multimedia   (9)

  6. DOC Format Man Page - Describes the structure of the PalmPilot .doc standard text file format.
    --   Computers: Systems: Handhelds: Palm OS: Programming: File Formats   (6)

  7. BackupSW - A multi-platform file backup solution that is quick and easy to run. Scheduled or manual execution with no proprietary formats or special devices needed.
    --   Computers: Software: Backup   (5)

  8. John Walker Graphics Pty. Ltd. - Autoset Cad Publisher software processes DXF files into pre-rendered raster and vector formats for DTP, printing, and web publishing.
    --   Computers: CAD and CAM: Drawing Exchange and Interoperability   (5)

  9. libwmf - A library to convert microsoft WMF file format to something useful, currently bindings exist to convert them to onscreen X graphics, to the GIF and to FIG.
    --   Computers: Programming: Graphics: Libraries: File Formats   (1)

  10. hIOmon from hyperI/O - Advanced software tool that both measures and monitors disk I/O operations up at the application level upon an individual, specific file basis. Includes support for various file export formats and process-based file I/O access and performance metrics. [Win NT/2000/XP/2003]
    --   Computers: Software: File Management   (6)

  11. PhotoCat - Ideal tool to build catalogs of pictures and offers extended index and search capabilities. Every QuickTime compatible file formats can be added.
    --   Computers: Software: Graphics: Image Cataloguing   (5)

  12. QuickTime development - Apple offers technical FAQs, knowledge base and publicly available documentation files including the MOV file format.
    --   Computers: Multimedia: Music and Audio: Audio Formats: MPEG-4   (6)

  13. Lighttek Software - Products include Talisman, a program that replaces the standard Windows Desktop through the creation of a new interface and IconTOY designed specifically to extract the icons from any file containing them and saving them in any color format.
    --   Computers: Software: Desktop Customization: Utilities   (5)

  14. ICEOWS - Windows compression utility using the ARJ format (was called ArjFolder). Can extract, test, and view files stored in ZIP, GZIP, TAR, CAB, RAR, ACE, PK3, etc. and create SFX executables.
    --   Computers: Software: Freeware: Data Compression   (4)

  15. Image Robot - An image processing and conversion tool applies image-processing effects and performs file format conversions on large groups of files. Ability to overlay a digital watermark onto an image.
    --   Computers: Software: Graphics: Converters   (4)

  16. The Music of Anthony Lombardi - Original music by Anthony Lombardi. Styles range from orchestral to rock to electronic. Files are in General MIDI format, but other formats may be added as well.
    --   Arts: Music: Sound Files: MIDI: Originals   (5)

  17. Site*Sleuth - Analyses servers log files and presents the information in a useful and easy to understand format.
    --   Computers: Software: Internet: Site Management: Log Analysis: Commercial   (6)

  18. Andrew's Online - Community of DJs, musicians and producers on the Latvian independent electronic music scene. Includes artist profiles, photos, news, event updates, and sound files (RealMedia and MP3 format).
    --   Arts: Music: Styles: E: Electronic   (5)

  19. Echoing Light - From the Atlantic Unbound's website. Requires software that can play .ram format files (RealPlayer).
    --   Arts: Literature: Authors: M: Merwin, W. S.: Audio   (5)

  20. !Family - BASIC program to maintain a family tree. Uses the worldwide standard GEDCOM file format to store information. (RISC Operating System only).
    --   Society: Genealogy: Software   (3)


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