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Empowerment Social Work

Empowerment Social Work

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  1. Regional: Asia: India: Government   (1 match)
  2. Regional: Asia: India: Education: Organisations   (1)
  3. Regional: Africa: Ghana: Society and Culture: Aid and Development   (1)
  4. Regional: Asia: India: Society and Culture: Issues   (1)
  5. Regional: Africa: Kenya: Society and Culture: Politics   (1)

"Empowerment Social Work" in Open Directory Sites (1-20 of 27)

  1. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment - Responsible for the welfare, social justice and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalised section of society.
    --   Regional: Asia: India: Government   (1)

  2. National Institute of Social Defence, New Delhi - NISD, is an autonomous advisory body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, dedicated to research and training in the area of social defence.
    --   Regional: Asia: India: Education: Organisations   (1)

  3. Integrated Social Development Centre - NGO working for sustainable human development through the empowerment of the poor and other marginalised groups, especially women. Offices in Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani and Tamale.
    --   Regional: Africa: Ghana: Society and Culture: Aid and Development   (1)

  4. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India - Covers issues relating to disadvantaged and marginalised section of the society, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, street children, drug abuse and other social issues.
    --   Regional: Asia: India: Society and Culture: Issues   (1)

  5. The Kenyan Empowerment Newspaper - Networking Kenya and its diaspora for social, economic, and political power.
    --   Regional: Africa: Kenya: Society and Culture: Politics   (1)

  6. Empowerment Resources - Contains tools for personal growth, social change, and ecology. Over 700 links and over 420 recommended empowerment resource books for sale.
    --   Society: Activism: Resources   (1)

  7. Gay Asian Coalition on WebringSystem - This webring is dedicated to expanding the interests of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Asians through awareness and empowerment. This webring was formed for the need to have a positive collective identity of gay Asians in the world wide web. Despite social, political and cultural differences, this webring believes in unity through diversity.
    --   Society: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual: Computers and Internet: Web Rings   (1)

  8. Africare - Specializes in helping Africa by helping alleviate hunger, building water wells, treating childhood diseases, and supporting social empowerment. Page includes crisis news, positive developments and office locations.
    --   Regional: Africa: Society and Culture: Aid and Development   (1)

  9. Palestinian Counseling Center - Promoting the mental well-being of Palestinian Jerusalemites through their social, psychological and mental empowerment.
    --   Regional: Middle East: Palestinian Territory: Health   (1)

  10. Institute for the Advancement of Political Social Work Practice - The goals of the Institute are to increase the number of social workers who pursue careers in politics and further develop Political Social Work Practice as a social work specialization;Êand to explore the ways direct service social workers can contribute to the political empowerment of clients through voter registration, mobilization and education.
    --   Reference: Education: Colleges and Universities: North America: United States: Connecticut: University of Connecticut: School of Social Work   (1)

  11. GirlNation - A left-aligned, pro-choice community for the support and empowerment of women and the discussion of social and political issues and activism.
    --   Society: People: Women: On the Web: Chats and Forums   (1)

  12. Women's Environment and Development Organization - An international advocacy network that strives for a healthy planet with social, political, economic and environmental justice for all through the empowerment of women. Features information on environmental links to breast cancer, women's health, gender justice, UN conference followup, particularly monitoring of the Beijing Platform for Action and the Cairo Programme of Action. WEDO also publishes global reports on government and NGO action in response to these plan of actions. Co-founded by Bella Abzug in 1991.
    --   Society: Government: Multilateral: United Nations: Non-Governmental Organizations   (1)

  13. National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum - National organization working to forge a grassroots progressive movement for social and economic justice and the political empowerment of Asian and Pacific American women and girls.
    --   Society: Issues: Race-Ethnic-Religious Relations: Organizations: United States   (1)

  14. SHARE Foundation - Building a New El Salvador Today - A non-profit institution supporting the empowerment of impoverished and marginalized Salvadoran communities for long-term and sustainable solutions to poverty, underdevelopment and social injustice
    --   Society: Issues: Environment: Sustainable Development: Organizations   (1)

  15. Servol Online - This social services and community development organization provides information related to "individual and family empowerment of the poor in Trinidad and Tobago" on its Website.
    --   Regional: Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago: Society and Culture: Organizations   (1)

  16. Human Development Foundation of North America - Nonpolitical movement seeking positive social change and community empowerment in Pakistan through mass literacy, better education, health care and economic development.
    --   Society: Issues: Human Rights and Liberties: Advocacy Organizations: Asia: Pakistan   (1)

  17. Guatemala Solidarity Network (GSN) - Works with Guatemalan organisations and communities striving for human rights, social and economic justice and the empowerment and participation of indigenous peoples and all marginalised groups.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Society and Culture: Organisations: Humanitarian   (1)

  18. Public Interest Fund of Illinois - Support non-profit organizations which engage in social change, citizen education and empowerment; or work to enable people, particularly the poor, to achieve fuller participation in society by eliminating social, economic, cultural and/or political barriers.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Illinois: Society and Culture: Issues   (1)

  19. Perry School Community Services Center - Provides social services, economic empowerment and youth development in an effort to end poverty, its causes and consequences in the North Capitol Street area. Includes services.
    --   Regional: North America: United States: Washington, DC: Society and Culture: Organizations   (1)

  20. Pavilion - Celebrates, develops and promotes photography as a tool of creative expression and social empowerment. Information about projects, exhibitions, and contact details.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: West Yorkshire: Leeds: Arts and Entertainment: Photography   (1)


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