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Empowerment Inc

Empowerment Inc

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"Empowerment Inc" Sites

Empowerment Plus Inc.
A self managed journey to address concerns in the areas of attention, learning, depression, behavior, and relationships. Includes step by step instructions and useful resources.   Health: Mental Health: Self-Help  

Recovery With Father Leo Booth
Help for your self-esteem and enlightenment to pave the recovery road to empowerment, includes forums.   Society: Support Groups  

Codependence RecoveryEditor's Choice   - Counselor and spiritual teacher's pages on emotional and inner child healing, spirituality, and personal empowerment. Recovery from the disease of Codependence involves stopping the war within us.   Society: Support Groups: Codependency  

Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Assistance Center
Resource center for consumers/survivors/ex-patients and consumer-run organizations across the United States, promoting self-help, recovery and empowerment.   Health: Mental Health: Policy and Advocacy  

Homeless Empowerment
Web site for Spare Change newspaper and the Homeless Empowerment Project. Trying to increase financial support and awareness of our services to the homeless community.   Society: Activism: Regional: North America: United States  

Haringey Community Empowerment Network
Part of a government initiative to bring about long lasting regeneration in the UK's most deprived neighborhoods.   Science: Social Sciences: Urban and Regional Planning: Community and Economic Development  

National Partners for Financial Empowerment
Coalition of groups dedicated to helping improve personal finance skills, including money management, saving, investing and credit in United States today.   Home: Personal Finance  

Community Empowerment
These collections of practical training materials for community workers mobilizing people to overcome poverty are organized by topic (such as microenterprise, evaluation, and brainstorming)
, and include reproducible illustrations, a glossary, and a bibliography.   Society: Activism: Resources  

Empowerment Through Learning Information Technology
eLIT is a non profit organization that teaches basic computing skills to socially  and economically disadvantaged women and children.   Computers: Organizations: Non-Profit  

International Women's Writing GuildEditor's Choice   - Non-profit organization for the empowerment of women through writing. Site provides details of regional workshops and a wealth of useful information about services and benefits available to IWWG members. No portfolio is required.   Society: People: Women: Arts and Entertainment: Literature  

Youth Empowerment Scheme
Using mentors, the aim is to teach children in Northern Ireland about diversity, tolerance, understanding, and good citizenship.   Kids and Teens: People and Society: Organizations: Student  

Discover Samuel
Practical spiritual teachings of self-empowerment for the awakening of Planetary Guardians. Channeled by Lea Schultz. Includes recent teachings, interview, and tools.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: New Age: Channeling  

YWCA of India
Includes information about their educational, empowerment and training, children's rights, development and community based programs.   Society: Philanthropy: Organizations: YWCA  

National Empowerment Center
Practical information and techniques for recovery from mental illness.   Health: Support Groups: Mental Health  

Empowerment Station
Support and information for those with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, FMS, CFS, and Lupis.   Health: Alternative: Resources  

Empowerment Zone
Helping individuals and communities achieve self actualization and full citizenship.   Society: Disabled: Directories  

A source for empowering people and communities via the internet with links to a wide range of progressive topics.   Society: Activism: In Daily Life  

Physician Empowerment
Has a curriculum search engine is based on an extensive proprietary compendium of leadership development resource other leadership development programs.   Business: Management: Leadership: Education and Training  

Self and team empowerment software
Downloadable software for individual, team, and organization development ranging from stress management to leadership development to team empowerment.   Computers: Software: Human Resources  

Empowerment of Indian Women
Women's property rights in India and the empowerment of Indian Women.   Regional: Asia: India: Society and Culture: Women  


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