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Electronic Kit

Electronic Kit

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Computers: Robotics: Companies: Kits  
Business: Electronics and Electrical: Components: Wholesale and Distribution  
Recreation: Radio: Amateur: QRP: Kits and Supplies  
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"Electronic Kit" Sites

Zingy Electronics Factory
Manufactures audio headphones, earphones for CD and MP3 players, and handsfree kits for cellular phones.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Electronics  

igk electronics
Manufacturer of pulse induction metal detector with microprocessor and LCD display, electronic device for detecting hidden radio transmitters, device for bee poison extraction, and electronics kit's for home made. Bulgaria.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Electronics  

Hobbytron Robot Kits and Toys
Online store offering robot kits, electronic kits, and educational toys.   Computers: Robotics: Companies: Kits  

Component Kits LLC
Manufactures and sells electronic component kits.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Components: Wholesale and Distribution  

Electronics Products
QRP kits as well as a wide variety of interesting kits and components.   Recreation: Radio: Amateur: QRP: Kits and Supplies  

Jerry's Electronic Plans, Kits and Curious Things
Electronic plans and kits.   Science: Educational Resources: Experiments  

Science Kits
Educational science kits and toys, chemistry sets, electronic kits, and robots.   Shopping: Recreation: Science and Nature: Education  

Quasar Electronics
Computer controlled relay boards, serial isolated I/O Boards and many other electronic kits and project kits for the computer.   Computers: Home Automation: Products and Manufacturers  

Kits include all the hardware, software and workbooks for microprocessor design and DSP programming electronic curriculum.   Computers: Hardware: Embedded
Electronic digital readout retrofits for popular woodworking table saw fences including Biesemeyer, Delta, Jet, and Powermatic.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Machinery and Tools: Woodworking Machinery  

Carl's Electronic Kits
Online sales of electronic kits and plans, test equipment, and spy and surveillance gadgets.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: C  

Electronic Rainbow
Electronic kits for the hobbyist, education, industry, detective operations, and law enforcement. Includes CB sound, radio direction finder, and ham caller id kits.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Communications: Wireless: Radios: Kits and Components  

A Tool Kit for Collection Development and Management Librarians
Includes resources relating to selection, acquisitions, collection management and preservation, electronic texts and websites, intellectual freedom, and related associations and conferences. Provided by Lockwood Memorial Library, State University of New York at Buffalo.   Reference: Libraries: Library and Information Science: Technical Services: Collection Development  

Instructions for Microcontroller Beginner Kit
Tutorial for those who know nothing about electronics and want to learn from the beginning.   Science: Technology: Electronics: Reference: BASIC Stamp  

BMM electronics elektronica en bouwpakketten
BMM electronics fabrikant en leverancier van elektronica zelfbouw kits en elektronica heeft een uitgebreid assortiment producten voor de hobbyist en professional.   World: Nederlands: Webwinkelen: Consumentenelektronica: Audio  

Falcon Electronics Prod. S.R.L.
Importator şi distribuitor a car-kit-urilor THB BURY pentru telefoane mobile.   World: Română: Afaceri: Vehicule: Piese şi accesorii
Electronic kits and parts.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: H  

Sayal Kits
Selection of electronic kits, circuits, projects, and assembled modules. All kits come with detailed instructions, components, schematics and parts lists.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: S  

E-Call Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of connectors, cable assemblies, wire harness, solderless breadboards, electronic components, tool kits and computer accessories.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Electromechanical: Connectors and Terminals  

Bota Fishing Tackle
Manufacturers of rod and reel combo set and kit and tackle combo box. Also make electronic bite alarm and chemical light. China.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Sporting Goods: Fishing  


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