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Dvd Disk

Dvd Disk

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"Dvd Disk" in Open Directory Categories (1-5 of 5)
  1. Computers: Hardware: Storage   (8 matches)
  2. Computers: Software: Backup   (3)
  3. Arts: Movies: Home Video: DVD: Divx   (1)
  4. Reference: Archives: Records Management: Products and Services: United States   (1)
  5. Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Storage and Protection: Sleeve and Binder   (1)

"Dvd Disk" in Open Directory Sites (1-20 of 33)

  1. Fujifilm Computer Products - Creator and manufacturer of DLT tape, 4mm tape, 8mm tape, CD-R, DVD and Zip disk data storage media.
    --   Computers: Hardware: Storage   (8)

  2. NovaStor Corporation - Tape backup solutions for Windows 2000/NT, Linux and NetWare network tape backup. NovaBACKUP automatically backs up your computer to just about any tape drive, disk, removable, CD-R/RW, or DVD drive.
    --   Computers: Software: Backup   (3)

  3. - Divx DVD Backers Call it Quits - Marketing of Divx video systems and disks to cease, and customers to be given rebates.
    --   Arts: Movies: Home Video: DVD: Divx   (1)

  4. Paper 2 Digital Disk - Offers scanning service for converting paper archives to CD or DVD digital disks.
    --   Reference: Archives: Records Management: Products and Services: United States   (1)

  5. Disk-store - Heavy duty vinyl CD and DVD sleeves for use in standard 3-ring binders.
    --   Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Storage and Protection: Sleeve and Binder   (1)

  6. MiGX Electronics - Manufacturer specializing in DVD and hard disk recorders, and MP3 and DVD players. Hong Kong, China.
    --   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Electronics: Video   (1)

  7. Microcosm Copy Protection Systems - Ultra-secure copy protection and licence management systems for your software whether distributed by CDROM, DVD, the Internet, floppy disk or any other media.
    --   Computers: Security: Products and Tools: Software Protection and License Control   (1)

  8. Disk Depot - Online store of blank disk media including DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and CD.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet: Sales and Services: Accessories and Peripherals   (1)

  9. Cinema Classics - Online sales of classic, cult, and out-of-print films on VHS, DVD, and Laser Disk.
    --   Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Video   (1)

  10. Drive Upgrade International BV - Leverancier van rotating media producten zoals hard disk drives, dvd-drives, tapedrives, en alle bijbehorende media, controllers en kabels.
    --   World: Nederlands: Computers: Hardware: Opslagmedia   (1)

  11. Find It Out - Disk catalog software to organize file collections for Windows. Create catalogs of archives located on different kinds of media DVD-ROMs and CDs of all kinds, ZIP disks, hard drivers and floppies.
    --   Computers: Software: File Management: File Managers: Windows   (1)

  12. IBT Corporation - Paper to digital conversion, with indexing and security assignment, on CD, DVD or optical disk. LAN/WAN networking, support and maintenance, monthly contracts available. Located in Shreveport.
    --   Computers: Consultants: By Region: North America: United States: Louisiana   (1)

  13. Max DVD to AVI Converter - DVD decoder to convert DVD movies to AVI and Divx format, and VOB, MPEG to AVI or Divx. Decrypt and backup DVD to hard disk. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]
    --   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Multimedia: Digital Video   (1)

  14. Anime on DVD: Project ARMS vol. 1 - Introduction, review of the region 1 disk, and DVD information.
    --   Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles: P: Project ARMS   (1)

  15. Aura Battler Dunbine DVD Memorial Box 1 - Review of the region 2 DVD collection. Includes disk specifications, review, and story summary.
    --   Arts: Animation: Anime: Titles: A: Aura Battler Dunbine   (1)

  16. DVD Warehouse - Retailer of DVD movies, disk duplication and repair products and services, and accessories. Product list by genre and newsletter included.
    --   Regional: Oceania: Australia: Business and Economy: Shopping: Entertainment   (1)

  17. Data Backup and Storage - Information about backing up Windows data. Topics include tape backup, backup to DVD, online backup, and disk imaging.
    --   Home: Consumer Information: Computers and Internet: Software: Utilities: Backup   (1)

  18. Hard disks boost DVD recorder growth - [CNN]
    --   News: Online Archives: 2003: December: Tech   (1)

  19. Smart Studios - Wedding video service, also transfer of cine films to video tape, DVD or compact disk. Includes price guide.
    --   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England: Devon: Newton Abbot: Arts and Entertainment   (1)

  20. Media System Company S.r.l. - Presenta la società operante nel settore dell'informatica ed in particolare nella produzione e duplicazione di supporti magnetici per computer: floppy disk, CD-R, DVD. Contiene dettagli sui prodotti e sui servizi, il listino prezzi e contatti.
    --   World: Italiano: Regionale: Europa: Italia: Piemonte: Provincia di Torino: Località: Vestignè   (1)


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