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Development Human Index

Development Human Index

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Society: Issues: Human Rights and Liberties  
Business: Management: Organizational Development  
Business: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals  
Business: Management: Education and Training  

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"Development Human Index" Sites

The Human Resource Consortium, LLC
A Connecticut-based human resource consulting firm providing human resource management, organizational development, labor relations, and training programs.   Business: Human Resources: Consulting  

Development Gateway Youth Portal
Brings young people together to interactively discuss the environment, Youth in Conflict, HIV AIDS, and other development topics. Links to articles on youth and human rights.   Society: Issues: Human Rights and Liberties  

Center for Human Resource Management Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University
A partnership between education, industry, and the community, creating a learning environment committed to the development of knowledge and leadership in the management of human resources.   Business: Management: Organizational Development  

BioSeek Inc.
Develops high throughput biological systems for the validation and development of novel human therapeutics.   Business: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals  

Atkins Training & Development, LLC
Training to help clients capture the talent, the human resources in their organizations and empower them to aspire higher.   Business: Management: Education and Training  

Organizational Development Portal
A useful portal to books and links in the areas of organizational development, human resources, and training.   Business: Human Resources: Associations  

OneWorldEditor's Choice   - OneWorld is a network organisation working for sustainable development through information and communication technologies (ICTs)
. The OneWorld partnership includes over 1000 development and human rights NGOs.   Society: Organizations: Development  

Human Dimensions, Inc
A leadership training and organizational development consulting firm using emotional intelligence approach.   Business: Management: Leadership  

Human Perspectives International, Inc.
A management consulting, development and training firm. Information on assessment tools and products.   Business: Human Resources: Consulting  

Human Rights Voice
Non profit organization involved in the sphere of international human rights, global security, economic development, economic justice and international justice, business and economic rights, and conflict resolution.   Society: Issues: Human Rights and Liberties  

Human Systems Dynamics Institute
Promoting human systems dynamics through research, training, and certification of organizational development professionals for leadership in change management.   Business: Management: Organizational Development  

CuraGen Corporation
Simplifying in order to accelerate genomics based product discovery and development. Has created technologies to better understand the role of genes in improving human health, animal health and agricultural vitality.   Business: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals  

Canton Associates Management Development
Develop on site training for managers and superviors in areas of human resource management, cultural diversity, sexual harassment training. Assist in the development of mentoring programs with products on evaluating and developing mentoring programs.   Business: Management: Education and Training  

International Human Resource Development Institute
An educational institute organized to promote the fields of human resource and organization development and the related discipline of organizational psychology.   Business: Human Resources: Associations  

Development & Peace
Aims to improve living and working conditions in 70 countries around the globe, funding human rights, community development and humanitarian aid in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.   Society: Organizations: Development  

Philip Sadler Associates
A UK-based consultancy specialising in leadership development, organisational design and strategic human resource management   Business: Management: Leadership  

Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
A national resource for information on factors affecting quality of life during old age. Includes details of reserach and training.   Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Developmental  

Pak Human Resources Development Organization
Aimed at socio-economic uplift of poor and disadvantaged people, especially women, from backward rural areas in Pakistan, through their technical education, skill development and vocational training.   Society: Philanthropy: Organizations  

The Greatest Biological Development in Science History
Article about the human genome and its discovery. Includes diagram of the biological Rosetta Stone and a table of human genome statistics.   Science: Biology: Genetics: Eukaryotic: Animal: Mammal: Human  

Human Systems Development Group
Organizational performance improvement firm, specializes in problem solving, conflict resolution, and change management.   Business: Management: Consulting: H  


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