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Desktop Utility

Desktop Utility

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"Desktop Utility" Sites

Snappy Software
Specializing in utility products, Snappy Fax 2000 will add fax and copy machine functionality to Windows desktop. Analyze website traffic with SnappyTrax. Snappy FTP is an Ftp Client with an explorer-like interface.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Utilities  

Chameleon Desktop
Advanced graphical utility from Softshape Development, which will allow an individual to apply different artistic effects to the desktop wallpaper.   Computers: Software: Desktop Customization: Utilities: Wallpaper  

Solutions for mobile executives. Notebook Shadow is a fast, comprehensive backup and synchronization utility designed to protect and share valuable corporate data stored on servers, desktop PCs and vulnerable laptop PCs. 60 day free trial.   Computers: Software: Backup  

Desktop Text to Speech Utility
CyberBuddy - a freeware utility program that uses MicroSoft Agents to do Instant Messaging with speech and animation, reminders, time of day, check email, news reports, weather, stock quotes, text reading, and ICQ status reporting.   Computers: Speech Technology: Speech Synthesis: Desktop Readers  

Desktop Sleuth Spy Software
Stealth screen capturing utility that also records all keystrokes typed. This application is equipped with a stealth mode feature that enables it to hide during monitoring sessions.   Computers: Security: Products and Tools: Monitoring  

Left Side Software
Several programs for Windows a Theme Installer, Show Internet Time (SIT)
, MailForm is an easy-to-use CGI program, FTBAB a freeware utility for you convert Internet Explorer Favorites into Navigator Bookmarks and desktop themes.   Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows: Software  

Software utility which helps you create reminders and notes on your windows desktop.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Personal Information Managers  

LHARC Archive and Dearchive Utility
Free download allowing the creation of LZH files. There is a command line version, and a desktop front end.   Computers: Systems: RISC OS: Software: Compression  

C&G Software
Software retailer offering educational, games, children's, business, desktop publishing, reference titles and general computer utility programs.   Computers: Software: Retailers  

QM Laboratories
Desktop utility software, includes a Windows 32-bit desktop utility that converts both world time and unit measures.   Science: Reference: Units of Measurement: Software  

A utility which makes the icon text background on Windows 95/98/Me desktop transparent.   Computers: Software: Freeware: Desktop Customization  

Utility which displays system information including CPU, memory, page file and disk space usage, network stats, IP address, uptime, CPU temperature and more transparently on the desktop.   Computers: Software: Freeware: System
Categories of business, desktop utility, and game freeware for Windows and Linux.   Computers: Software: Freeware: Directories  

Google Desktop Search
Utility that indexes files on desktop PC and displays results in a Google search page, with some relevance ranking based on modified dates. [Windows]   Computers: Software: File Management: Search  

Program is a multi-session and multi-desktop management utility which allows the running of programs under another user account. Includes multilogon and multidesktop capabilities. Downloadable 15-day trial for Windows NT/2000.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Networking  

Business desktop utility, SI-Metric Office, features include atomic clock time synchronization, unit conversions, and customizable reminders, and SI-Metric Kids a metric unit converter.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Authors  

Secure Kit Password Manager
Secure Password Manager is a desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. You can automatically fill in password in ANY application (IE, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, MSN...)
.   Computers: Security: Products and Tools: Password Tools  

Internet Guard
Changes hidden settings in Windows registry in order to protect TCP/IP stack. This utility protects both server and desktop computers.   Computers: Security: Internet: Products and Tools  

Lamothe, Marc-Andre - Marc-Andre Software
Resume and author's software pages for AlphaChess 3, SimpleCalculator, QuaBlocks, and a utility for Windows 2000 and XP that will make all of the unfocused windows in a desktop transparent. Also French site version.   Computers: Programming: Personal Pages: L  

Desktop Pulse
Free utility, which can automatically download .jpg and .GIF, images and put them onto the desktop as wallpaper. Choose the frequency of update, change the sequence of the pictures. [Beta]   Computers: Software: Desktop Customization: Wallpaper: Freeware  


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