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Data Transfer

Data Transfer

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Computers: Internet: RFCs: 0301 - 0400  

"Data Transfer" Sites

AVCO Systems Limited
UK-based firm specialising in custom solutions for the automation of data transfer and processing between remote and host sites.   Computers: Consultants: Data Transfer  

Heavy duty version of TCP/IP for iRMX. Extremely reliable with fast data transfer and low level system services requirements.   Computers: Software: Networking  

File/data distribution tool automates data distribution tasks such as replicating, mirroring and transferring files and data. It improves data integrity and availability with FTP, Copy and RDV file transfer options.   Computers: Software: Networking: File Transfer  

Lynk Data Systems Ltd
Offers thermal transfer labels and ribbons, address labels, laser and inkjet labels and bar code software.   Computers: Hardware: Peripherals: Bar Code: Labels and Equipment  

Open Data Consulting P/L
Offers Pick Query visual tool to transfer data from MultiValue/Pick databases without writing any code, and output to tab-delimited files or XML. Provides system integration and application development services. Located in Doncaster, Victoria, Australia.   Computers: Software: Databases: Pick  

RFC 0327
Data and File Transfer Workshop Notes. A.K. Bhushan. April 1972.   Computers: Internet: RFCs: 0301 - 0400  

RFC 0227
Data Transfer Rates (Rand/UCLA)
. J.F. Heafner, E. Harslem. September 1971.   Computers: Internet: RFCs: 0201 - 0300  

Secure Directory File Transfer System
An essential tool for organizations that demand the ultimate in security. This "special purpose firewall" will safeguard the privacy of your data residing on a private network, while at the same time, providing an inflow of information from the Internet or any other outside network.   Computers: Security: Products and Tools  

T@lecom Ltd.
Provides end-to-end wireless solutions for business users. Services include instant wireless data transfer, integrated two-way messaging, and integrated satellite navigation.   Business: Telecommunications: Equipment: Wireless  

Provider of document management, data entry/processing, and conversion services that transfers business information to CD or the web. In English and Spanish. Products/services, company profile, demo download, feedback.   Business: Business Services: Customer Management: Data Management  

Provides data conversion, media conversion, and tape transfer services.   Computers: Data Formats: Conversion: Companies  

RFC 0969
NETBLT: A Bulk Data Transfer Protocol. D.D. Clark, M.L. Lambert, L. Zhang. December 1985.   Computers: Internet: RFCs: 0901 - 1000  

RFC 0171
The Data Transfer Protocol. A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, et al. June 1971.   Computers: Internet: RFCs: 0101 - 0200  

Cave Data Exchange Format Working Group
Aiming to establish a hardware and software independent format for the transfer and archiving of speleological data.   Recreation: Outdoors: Caving: Cave Surveying  

Atomic Data for Astrophysics
Photoionization; Recombination; Collisional ionization and autoionization; Charge transfer; Auger processes Energy levels, wavelengths, transition probabilities; Collision strengths, excitation rates; Stark broadening; Opacities; Fortran subroutines and other Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics.   Science: Physics: Plasma: Databases  

Stat/Transfer Data Conversion Software
Stat/Transfer provides a fast, easy and economical way to move your data between SAS and a variety of spreadheets, databases, and other statistical packages. Converts Windows and Unix files directly.   Computers: Programming: Languages: SAS  

Transfer Data Test GmbH
Vorstellung der eigenen Produkte aus dem Bereich Telekommunikationstechnik.   World: Deutsch: Computer: Netzwerk: Hardware  

RPS Data Imaging
Facility in the UK offers tape to film transfers and related products.   Business: Business Services: AudioVisual: Production: Video and Film  

On-Line Data Backup
On-Line data backup service provides file transfer through encryption, and minimizes storage space through compression. Free trial available.   Computers: Software: Internet: Site Management: Backup  

Shear Transfer Systems
Manufacture shear wall construction panels. Includes a range of technical data and documentation.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Materials and Supplies: Thermal and Moisture: Roofing and Siding Panels  


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