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Concept International

Concept International

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"Concept International" Sites

Arcadia Concepts International
Manufacturing consultant that provide custom manufacturing service, and supply products made in China. Hong Kong, China.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services  

Fessel International
Restaurant and foodservice consulting including concept development and design, business audits and menu and product development.   Business: Hospitality: Consulting  

Thunder Lake Management Inc.
Carries out trade policy and development work; tracks international trade through a newsletter of analysis, briefings, and forecasts; and prepares high concept ecommerce studies packaged with registered domain names.   Business: International Business and Trade: Consulting  

Public Libraries International Network
International public library experts develop and test innovative concepts for modern library management.   Reference: Libraries: Public  

International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry
Covers any study of various aspects of symmetry and related concepts (e.g., proportion, rhythm, invariance)
in science, art, and technology (`symmetrology')
.   Science: Institutions: Associations  

International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science (DEON)

2006 July 12-14, Utrecht, Netherlands. The workshop supports research linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts with computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, organization theory and law.   Computers: Artificial Intelligence: Conferences and Events  

Concepts and Transformation
International Journal of Action Research and Organizational Renewal   Business: Management: Organizational Development  

27th International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science (WG 2001)

The workshop aims at uniting theory and practice by demonstrating how graph-theoretic concepts can be applied to various areas in Computer Science, or by extracting new problems from applications. Boltenhagen near Rostock, Germany ; 14--16 June 2001.   Science: Math: Combinatorics: Graph Theory: Events: Past Conferences  

Official Peugeot SiteEditor's Choice   - Portal to regional sites throughout the world. Also includes history, concept cars, and international news.   Recreation: Autos: Makes and Models: Peugeot  

Cleaner Production in ChinaEditor's Choice   - Information on the government's strategy for cutting pollution. Covers legislation, policies, case studies and international co-operative projects, as well as the basic concepts and tools used.   Regional: Asia: China: Science and Environment  

Floral Concepts International
Preserved and dry flowers include Everoses, silks, paper flowers, fruits, foliage, pre-made florals and decorative products.   Shopping: Flowers: Dried and Preserved  

International Concept Management
Specializing in the design and construction of aquariums, aquatic features and themed leisure facilities for educational and leisure attractions. Grand Junction, Colo.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Design: Design-Build  

Concepts International
Specializes in corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions.   Business: Business Services: Consulting: Mergers and Acquisitions  

Concept International
Manufacturer of innovative promotional signage and related items in Mumbai, India.   Business: Business Services: Signage: Promotional  

International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing
IAATH brings together complementary and alternative animal healers and promotes the concept of concurrent care, where traditional and complementary practitioners cooperate in providing comprehensive care for animals.   Health: Animal: Alternative Medicine: Professional Organizations  

Medicus Mundi International
An international organisation related to the World Health Organisation dealing with health care development. It actively supports the concept of primary and community-based health care.   Society: Philanthropy: Organizations: Medical Relief  

2C International
Communicating across cultures - new concepts in training, consulting and coaching for managers, teams and professionals involved in international business. Based in UK.   Business: Business Services: Communications: Crosscultural  

Boss Creations International, Inc.
A global promotion and marketing services agency offering solutions ranging from project development, concept design, POS development and design, production and delivery.   Business: Marketing and Advertising: By Age Group: Kids and Youth  

International Neural Network Society
An academic association seeking to advance our understanding of the modeling of behavioral and brain processes, and the application of neural modeling concepts to technological problems.   Computers: Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks: Organizations  

International Philippino Martial Arts Academy
Modern Arnis using Jeet Kwon Do concepts including Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Mano Mano, wrestling and weapons.   Sports: Martial Arts: Filipino: Modern Arnis  


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