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Concept Development

Concept Development

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"Concept Development" Sites

Fessel International
Restaurant and foodservice consulting including concept development and design, business audits and menu and product development.   Business: Hospitality: Consulting  

McMillan Doolittle Retail Consultants
Specialize in retail strategy and new store concept development. Provide support in developing e-commerce strategies for retailers.   Business: Retail Trade: Consulting  

Engineering and Design Concepts Inc
Product and equipment development corporation committed to providing quality products, engineering and manufacturing services.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Engineering: Product Development  

Concept Consulting - Management Consultants
Specializing in the development of ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and/or Total Quality Management (TQM)
systems.   Business: Business Services: Quality Control and Tracking: Consulting  

Davideo Company
From concept and script development to location shooting, editing, duplication, and distribution on tape and CD-ROM.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Video  

Thunder Lake Management Inc.
Carries out trade policy and development work; tracks international trade through a newsletter of analysis, briefings, and forecasts; and prepares high concept ecommerce studies packaged with registered domain names.   Business: International Business and Trade: Consulting  

Key Concepts of Early Child Development
All children progress through an identifiable sequence of physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and change. Children respond best when caregivers use specific techniques designed to encourage and stimulate progress.   Health: Child Health: Growth and Development  

Tetworld Peace Through Development Project
Based on Buckminster Fuller's concept for a global computer/internet based strategic game to "Make the World Work for Everyone".   Society: Issues: Peace  

Index Industrial Design and Development Inc.
Garrison, New York based product design firm with over 15 years of experience in product design, from concept to production.   Business: Business Services: Design: Industrial Designers: Product Design  

Ls Developments UK Ltd
Manufacturers fabricated and machined parts for racing cars. Also offers complete design concept and production.   Business: Automotive: Auto Racing  

Consultancy for product and process development, and failure prevention.   Business: Opportunities: Inventions: Products and Services: Research and Development  

Concept Training Seminars
Communication training, management development, performance management, diversity, sexual harassment, outsourcing, writing, recruitment for employees. Business to business programs for human resources departments.   Business: Human Resources: Education and Training  

Concept Communiques, Inc.
Marketing and PR consultants in business and economic development with technical expertise in energy, the environment and developing a sustainable future.   Business: Marketing and Advertising: Consulting  

Concept Group, Inc.
Engineering design and consulting, product development and full scale manufacturing. Glass to metal, hermetic seals, and vacuum brazing.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Services  

The Mystery Of The Aleph
This article from the "Washington Post" covers the development of the concept of infinity, from the fifth to the second century B.C., and includes the main findings of Archimedes and the Pythagorean school. [Requires free registration.]   Kids and Teens: School Time: Math: History  

Software Product LinesEditor's Choice   - For software engineers, developers, and product and development managers; practical information on Product Line issues, ranging from introductory concepts to advanced methods.   Computers: Programming: Methodologies: Software Product Line  

Medical Concepts Development
Manufacturer and worldwide marketer of disposable, latex-free specialty surgical drapes, pouches and adhesive coated films.   Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Surgical Products  

Renewables for Development
RforD works for commercialization of decentralized renewable energy projects on a large scale in rural areas of developing countries. Provides information on concept, programs and projects.   Society: Issues: Environment: Energy  

Corporate Development Agents Inc.
Concept marketing agency specializing in integration of unique development strategies with electronic commerce.   Business: E-Commerce: Consulting: C  

Transformational Leadership Development
Presents different articles, resources, and critical concepts necessary to develop this type of leadership skill.   Business: Management: Leadership: Articles  


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