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Compress Net

Compress Net

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Powercopy is used to search, copy, move, delete and compress files. ListNetIP displays the IP address of all PCs on a network. WinSuperKit is a network and system toolkit. [Win 95/98/NT/2000]   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Utilities  

Compress Solutions
Offers technical writing, translation and document printing services for the US and abroad.   Business: Business Services: Communications: Writing and Editing: Business  

Oferuje sprężarki, kompresory, filtry, urządzenia pneumatyczne, węże. Usługi instalacyjne i serwisowe. Warszawa.   World: Polska: Biznes: Produkty przemysłowe: Maszyny i narzędzia: Hydrauliczne i pneumatyczne  

HTML Code Compress Tool
Optimize HTML documents, resulting in shorter downloading and uploading time. Pages will appear in client's Internet browser in the same way, but they will be about 20-40% smaller. Software features, screenshots, download, Flash tutorial, and PDF manual.   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Internet: HTML  

Offisielt nettsted for Trondheimsbandet med gitarakkorder, lydklipp (mp3)
, bilder og informasjon om medlemmene.   World: Norsk: Kunst og kultur: Musikk: Stilarter: Rock: Punk: Artister  

Union Compress Warehouse
Cotton warehouse/trans-shipment facility, serving merchants and farmers storage needs for 14 years. Posts services and locations.   Regional: North America: United States: Georgia: Localities: C: Cordele: Business and Economy  

Compress Media Werbeagentur GdbR
Der Spezialist für ganzheitliche Erst- oder Neuausrichtung von Unternehmen, Marken, Produkten und Dienstleistungen als auch Kommunikationsmassnahmen stellt sich vor.   World: Deutsch: Regional: Europa: Deutschland: Bayern: Städte und Gemeinden: B: Bamberg: Wirtschaft  

Multi-platform backup program that is written entirely in Java. Back up files, with an option to compress data, on a different hard disk drive, floppies, and different partition of the same disk drive or any media an operating system can write to.   Computers: Software: Backup  

Compress JavaScript so that it downloads faster to the browser. If the identifier compression is kept on, it also has a side-effect of making the JavaScript fairly unreadable.   Computers: Programming: Languages: JavaScript: Tools: Obfuscators  

RFC 1605: SONET to Sonnet Translation (FTP)

"Because Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
transmits data in frames of bytes, it is fairly easy to envision ways to compress SONET frames to yield higher bandwidth over a given fiber optic link. This memo describes a particular method, SONET Over Novel English Translation (SONNET)
." Written by W. Shakespeare of Globe Communications.
--   Recreation: Humor: Computer: RFCs  

Offers instant reusable cold compress packs in two sizes.   Shopping: Health: Physical Therapy  

Double Press Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of farm equipment designed to double compress two tie and three tie bales to less than half their original size.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Equipment and Supplies: Tractors, Machinery, and Implements  

Taiwan Stanch Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of cold/hot compress gel pack, eye mask, face mask, and related products.   Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Suppliers  

Offers to compress slurls into short web addresses.   Computers: Virtual Reality: Multi-User Systems: Second Life  

Programs to generate, compose, edit, compress and DJ. Downloads available. Windows.   Computers: Multimedia: Music and Audio: Software  

Tweak PDF
Tweak the initial view of PDF document and compress PDF file.   Computers: Software: Freeware: Viewers  

A small GUI utility for working with files in gzip format. It allows to compress any file into gzip format, decompress and test the integrity of already gzipped files.   Computers: Software: Freeware: Data Compression  

Utility that can compress a files into a smaller, compressed, .doc file. The compressed .doc file is self-extracting and will automatically expand to the original version.   Computers: Software: Word Processors: Word  

WebGraphics Optimizer
Compress images with almost no visible image quality loss. Evaluate the original image with up to five different variations to find out the best quality and compression level. Create and save color palettes.   Computers: Software: Graphics: Optimization  

Easy Mosaic 4.0
Create photomosaic with photo collections easily, support input format of .DIB, GIF, PCX, PIC, TGA, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, It outputs high quality 24bits bitmap files (no compress, no data losing)
, also provides custom photomosaic creating service.   Computers: Software: Graphics: Mosaic Creation  


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