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Color Red

Color Red

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Recreation: Pets: Cats: Clubs  
Business: Arts and Entertainment: Tools and Equipment: Staging  
Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Ophthalmology  
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"Color Red" Sites

Official Site
Official site of the band Color It Red.   Regional: Asia: Philippines: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Bands and Artists: Color it Red  

The Red, Cream and Tortoiseshell Cat Society
British color specific club for British Shorthair and Persian breeders. Show and registry information, health and cat fancy information.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Clubs  

Red Carpet Store
Red carpets for special event arrival areas. All colors of event carpeting.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Tools and Equipment: Staging  

Creamer Color Chart
Screening test for the early detection of red-green colorblindness in children.   Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Ophthalmology  

Animal Masks
Print out and color to make masks of the red deer, badger and hare.   Kids and Teens: Pre-School: Animals  

Red River Paper (USA)

Red River Paper provides color and black and black & white imaging papers for ultrasonography. We offer a wide variety of paper choices and cost saving prices.   Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Diagnostic: Ultrasound  

King Tut Liked Red Wine
Report about how Spanish scientists analyzed residues from a wine jar found in the tomb of this early ruler by using a new technique to determine the color of wine used in ancient jars. From the American Chemical Society.   Science: Social Sciences: Archaeology: Periods and Cultures: Ancient Egypt  

Red Halos
Original titles with character profiles, color works, scanned pages. Also shonen-ai and fan art.   Arts: Comics: Manga: Online: R  

Battery Indicator Light Solution for Color Blind Users
Offers solution for color red-green color deficient users to read battery indicator light.   Games: Video Games: Console Platforms: Nintendo: Nintendo DS  

Red's Domino Table
Custom built domino tables crafted out of cedar, cypress, mahogany or oak in any color.   Shopping: Toys and Games: Games: Tile Games: Dominoes  

Red Hat Village
Seller and wholesaler of women's clothing and accessories, Italian charms, gund stuffed animals, and AngelStar worry stones. Items feature the colors worn by Red Hat Society members.   Shopping: General Merchandise: R  

Genky Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of nano-grade transparent iron oxide pigments and dispersions. Products are divided into two categories, solvent-borne and water-borne with a color range of yellow, red, green, black and brown. [Zhejiang, China]   Business: Chemicals: Dyes and Pigments: Pigments  

Fairy Natural Pigment Co.
Manufacturer specializing in red radish color and other anthocyanins. Product details.   Business: Food and Related Products: Additives: Food Colors  

RGBG Analyzer
Commercial software to analyses the red, green, blue, and gray color values of user-selected areas of images in gif, tiff, bmp, jpeg format. Windows 2000 & XP.   Science: Biology: Bioinformatics: Software  

Applied Genetics as it Relates to the Burmilla
Overview of feline color and pattern genetics as seen in the Burmilla. Covers agouti, black, albino, dilute, longhair, red, tabby, silver inhibitor and wide band. Many photos.   Science: Biology: Genetics: Eukaryotic: Animal: Mammal: Feline: Coat and Coloration  

Adobe ActiveShare
Free software to acquire and organize digital photos from cameras or scanners and share with friends and family. Filters to remove red eye, trim, rotate, and adjust color.   Computers: Software: Graphics: Image Cataloguing  

Better Homes and Gardens:Fritillaria Flowers
They vary from small to tall, and fritillaria offer unusual flowers in early spring. They come in a variety of different colors including pale blue, bright red and a soft pink.   Home: Gardening: Plants: Bulbs  

Fresh Asparagus and Chicken Casserole
Fresh asparagus and red bell pepper add lively color and tender flavor to this creamy, cheesy chicken and noodle casserole.   Home: Cooking: Fruits and Vegetables: Asparagus  

Pistachio-Cherry Biscotti
Golden-green, mildly salty shelled pistachios and deep red, sweet and tangy dried cherries complement each other beautifully, both in color and flavor.   Home: Cooking: Nuts and Seeds: Pistachios  

Red Barn Candles & Gifts
Hand poured candles with custom colors available in 100+ fragrances.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Accessories: Candles: Handcrafted: Scented  


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