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Science: Environment: Air Quality  
Business: Electronics and Electrical: Production Equipment and Materials: Tools and Equipment: Cleanroom  
Shopping: Home and Garden: Cleaning  
Society: Issues: Environment  

"Clean Reg" Sites

Tom's Clean Joke Page
This small collection of clean jokes is categorized by: age, animals, blonds, computers, food, misc., nuns, and sports.   Recreation: Humor: Jokes: Clean  

Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand
Focus is air quality and the mechanics of air pollution. Information about publications, training courses, conferences, and seminars.   Science: Environment: Air Quality  

Canada Clean Room
Provider of products and solutions for cleanroom, particle, microbiological, production process, gas management and static control environments.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Production Equipment and Materials: Tools and Equipment: Cleanroom  

Clean Team Catalog
Housecleaning, janitorial, organizing and home maintenance products.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Cleaning  

Good Clean Fun
No obscene language or vulgarity here, but religion and politics are fair game.   Recreation: Humor: Jokes: Clean  

Clean Air Canada
Up to date information on air quality issues in Canada. Including environmental law and policy, motor vehicle emissions and industrial sources of pollution. Maintained by students at the Environment Law Centre, University of Victoria.   Science: Environment: Air Quality  

Clean Process Technology Services
Provides services to all industries and clients whose operations make use of controlled environments, certification, process and facility design, maintenance and cleanroom monitoring.   Business: Electronics and Electrical: Production Equipment and Materials: Tools and Equipment: Cleanroom  

Clean King
Supplier of janitorial equipment, supplies, vacuums and duct cleaning equipment.   Shopping: Home and Garden: Cleaning  

Cleaner and Greener Environment Program
Makes it easy for consumers and businesses to help clean up the environment.   Society: Issues: Environment  

Mrs. Clean Jeans
Offers advice on issues related to the household, garden, family and travel. Features a newsletter.   Home: Homemaking  

Clean Energy Power
International Exhibition and Congress for renewable energy, energy efficiency. 2 days in Berlin, Germany.   Science: Technology: Energy: Conferences  

Trauma Clean
Perth, Australia company specializing in removal of biological and medical waste.   Business: Energy and Environment: Waste Management: Biohazardous Materials: Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup  

IndiRail: A clean transportation system
Conceptual proposal for an infrastructure for transportation aimed at the use of renewable energy sources.   Science: Technology: Energy: Transportation  

Better American Candidates with Knowledge, Morals and Ethics (BACK ME)

A candidates' pledge to clean-up elections, speak about issues in their campaigns, and legislate for their constituents. Advocates personal campaign finance reform.   Society: Politics: Campaigns and Elections: Election Reform  

Clean Joke of the Day
Daily email newsletter containing funny humor with Christian leanings.   Recreation: Humor: Mailing Lists  

Tech Clean
Describes computer and electronics cleaning services offered in the United Kingdom and internationally. Includes United Kingdom contact details.   Business: Opportunities: Franchising: Franchises: Cleaning  

Turbine: Clean Energy Systems, Inc.
Power plant turbine system optimized to reduce and control polution from many carbon-based fuels.   Science: Technology: Energy: Fossil Fuel  

Clean Magazine
Is een e-magazine met nieuws, tips en wetenswaardigheden uit de schoonmaakbranche.   World: Nederlands: Zakelijk: Facilitair: Schoonmaak  

Clean Game Library
Full development system for 2D games: arcade, side scrollers, platform games.   Computers: Programming: Languages: Clean  

Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Conference
3 days in Las Angeles, US   Science: Environment: Conferences  


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