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Chili Recipe

Chili Recipe

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"Chili Recipe" Sites

Chili Recipes from Recipezaar
A selection submitted by users, including their comments.   Home: Cooking: Chili  

Personal collection of recipes using various types of peppers such as chipotle, poblano, green chiles, New Mexico chiles, arbol, finger-hots, pequins, or tai peppers. Includes a bison chili.   Home: Cooking: Chili  

Vegetarian Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens
A collection of vegetarian recipes including Vegetable Nachos and Vegetarian Chili with Pasta.   Home: Cooking: Vegetarian  

New El Paso Black Bean Chili
Vegan chili recipe which includes onion, garlin, cumin, chili powder and green chilies.   Home: Cooking: Meat Substitutes: TVP  

Chili Recipes at Recipezaar
Recipes featuring chili   Home: Cooking: Herbs and Spices  

Betty Crocker: Kid-Pleasin' Chili
A simple recipe which has no "green stuff".   Home: Cooking: For Children  

Fusion Cooking
A selection of recipes made by taking locally available ingredients, adjusted to the cook's ethnic taste, such as pumpkin stew, eggplant timbales, roasted rosemary potatoes, and white bean chili.   Home: Cooking: Fusion  

Chili Peppers Recipes
Recipes featuring chili peppers.   Home: Cooking: Fruits and Vegetables: Peppers: Hot  

Matthew Kenney's Tunisian Chili-Crusted Beef
Recipe for beef fillets.   Home: Cooking: World Cuisines: African: Tunisian  

Chili Soup
Recipe used at the Sioux Center Christian School supper. Twelve to fourteen servings.   Home: Cooking: Soups and Stews: Fruit and Vegetable: Pepper: Chili  

EEE Cooks - A Family Cookbook
Family recipes with photographs, including Baked Ziti, Potato Croquettes, Unfried Chicken, and Black Bean Chili over Cheesy Grits.   Home: Cooking: Recipe Collections: Cookbooks  

Ground Beef and Hamburger Recipes
Ground beef recipes for main dishes, chili, and spaghetti recipes from box tops, magazines, newspapers and friends.   Home: Cooking: Meat: Beef  

Gourmet Chili and Herb Company
Offers gourmet hot sauces, salsa, fiery peanuts, jerky, recipes and related gifts.   Shopping: Food: Condiments: Sauces: Hot and Pepper  

Dixie Chili
Northern Kentucky chain. Lists locations, nutritional information, recipes and online ordering of its chili.   Business: Hospitality: Restaurant Chains: Chili  

Cheese and Chili Soup
Using beef broth, bell peppers, tomatoes, and seasonings. Six servings. By Recipe Source.   Home: Cooking: Soups and Stews: Cheese  

Blanc Turkey Chili
Mexican style recipe uses green chiles, sour cream, salsa, and seasonings. Makes twenty servings.   Home: Cooking: Soups and Stews: Quantity Cooking  

Bacon and Green Chili Quiche
Easy to make recipe.   Home: Cooking: Eggs: Quiche  

Spicy Beer-Braised Catfish
Catfish cooked with chili powder, mushrooms, tomatoes, hot sauce, and beer. From Arielle's Recipe Archives.   Home: Cooking: Fish and Seafood: Catfish
Texas style chili mix. A complete blend of ingredients originating from an award winning recipe.   Shopping: Food: Seasonings: Chili Mixes  

Dried Corn Soup
From Traditional Navajo Recipes using pork and chili pods.   Home: Cooking: Soups and Stews: Grains: Corn  


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