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Champion Fantasy League

Champion Fantasy League

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"Champion Fantasy League" Sites

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football
Free to enter fantasy soccer competition based on real life action from the UEFA Champions league.   Sports: Fantasy: Soccer  

World Association Football Fantasy League
Tow separate leagues based on English Premier League and UEFA Champions League.   Sports: Fantasy: Soccer  

Soccer news, results, league tables, player statistics, focusing on English Premiership clubs and European Champions League, interaction for soccer fans, message board, interactive fantasy football games and entertainment.   Sports: Soccer: News and Media  

Ohioville Fantasy Hockey League
A 14-team head-to-head league based in Ohioville, PA. Each season the league champion is awarded the ICEE Cup.   Sports: Fantasy: Hockey  

Champions League Manager
Een Fantasy League (Super Elf)
voor de UEFA Champions League.   World: Nederlands: Sport: Voetbal: Fantasie  

The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of
Home of the Champions Mailing List (4 week archive)
. "Justice League of Alabama" campaign site: writeups and annals. Comprehensive Hero and Superhero Amazon on-line book store. 20 package deals, 2 Fantasy Hero magic systems, 50 items, jousting. 13 comic book writeups. Cardboard Heroes jpegs. MSH SAGA to Hero conversion.   Games: Roleplaying: Genres: Universal: Hero System  

Telegraph Fantasy Football Online
Create virtual squads based on current players. Success depends on results in real-life Premiership, Division One, Champions League and Cup matches. Subscription required. Prizes for best teams.   Sports: Fantasy: Soccer  

Darren's Sporting Universe
Fixtures for the FA Premiership, the EUFA Champions League, and the EUFA Cup, plus a fantasy football game.   Sports: Soccer: News and Media  

I Dream
Free fantasy football league for EPL, SPL and Champion's league.   Sports: Fantasy: Soccer  

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