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Chain Saw Art

Chain Saw Art

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"Chain Saw Art" Sites

Lumberjack Alley
Explains the mechanics of how to use an axe, log rolling, two man bucking, jack and jill bucking, jill and jill bucking, bow sawing, hot saw chain saw, underhand chop, and axe throwing. Details contest management including expected expenditures.   Sports: Lumberjack  

Powerful Art of Chain Saw Carving
Wildlife, dolphins, wizards, and caricature carvings. Custom orders accepted.   Shopping: Crafts: Woodcraft: Carving: Chainsaw  

Zacm Company
Sells small engine parts for all makes and models, including lawn mower blades, chain saw chains, go-kart parts, tiller parts, and golf cart parts.   Shopping: Tools: Gardening: Power Tools: Parts  

How Stuff Works: Chain Saw
Complete graphical narrative about a chain saw, including centrifugal clutches, magnetos and carburetors, with video clips.   Home: Consumer Information: Tools: Saws  

Porcelain masks, pewter, music boxes, wedding and special occasion items, chain saw carvings and art glass.   Shopping: General Merchandise: O  

Gränsfors Bruks
USA. Manufacture, market, and distribute chain saw protective apparel, thermal undergarments and hand-forged axes and spring steel wrecking bars. Online sore.   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Clothing: Uniforms and Vestments  

Weed Wacker Plane
A web site about a 10-foot R/C airplane that was designed and built to be powered by a chain saw or weed wacker engine.   Recreation: Aviation: Model Aviation: Radio Controlled: Airplanes  

King Arthur's Tools
Offers wood sculpting carving tools, saw chain products, flap disc sanders and tungsten carbide carving tools for angle and disc grinders. Manufactured in the USA.   Shopping: Tools: Woodworking: Wood Carving  

Granberg International
Manufactures saw chain maintenance tools to repair and sharpen saw chain and attachments for your chain saw to mill your own lumber.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Forestry: Logging Equipment: Chainsaws and Axes  

Logosol Portable Sawmills
Swedish portable chainsaw mill and special ripping chain. Video of saw in action available on site and by requesting information kit.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Forestry: Production Equipment: Sawmills  

Gateway Helicopters Ltd
Commercial pilot training in Schweizer 300s and Bell 206. Training includes bush camp, landing pad construction, chain saw operation, and winter survival. Additional services include firefighting, mining, forestry, and aerial spray. Located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.   Business: Aerospace and Defense: Aeronautical: Aircraft Rental and Instruction: Helicopter  

Manufacturers of high performance safety products, such as ear muffs, ear plugs, standard and laser safety glasses, face protection and chain saw protective clothing.   Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Industrial Supply: Safety Equipment Supplies: Head and Eye Protection  

Wakefield, John
Specializes in figurative carving with chain-saw, mallet, and gouge.   Arts: Visual Arts: Sculpture: Sculptors: Wood  

Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The
Provides user reviews, cast and crew, and rating.   Arts: Movies: Titles: T: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The - 1974  

Quantum Chain Saw Carving
Artist in the medium of local timber, producing animals, totem poles and garden features. Includes gallery of photographs, exhibition list, and contacts for commissions, west of the village.   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Scotland: Dumfries and Galloway: Moniaive  

Campground St. Regis
Realistic wildlife chain saw carvings created by local artist.   Shopping: Crafts: Woodcraft: Carving: Wildlife  

Benetti Group
Supply a range of machines and tools for dimension stone quarrying, including diamond wire saw units , chain cutters, drilling machines and devices utilized in marble and granite mining.   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Materials and Supplies: Masonry and Stone: Natural Stone: Equipment  

Log to Legacy
Offering chain saw sculptures. Includes sculptor's profile, photo gallery and contact information.   Regional: North America: United States: Kansas: Localities: A: Arma  

Chain Saw World
Sells riding mowers, chainsaws, ATVs, trimmers, and other lawn and garden equipment. Includes details of products, hours and a location map.   Regional: North America: United States: Kentucky: Localities: L: Louisville: Business and Economy  

A display of various chain mail items such as armour, jewelry and clubwear. Also sells saw cut bulk rings.   Shopping: Clothing: Costumes: Historical: Medieval and Renaissance: Armor: Chain Mail  


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