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Cat Product

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"Cat Product" Sites

Ruling Cats and Dogs
Humorous photos, stories, graphics and wallpapers; links to shelters, pet care tips.   Recreation: Pets  

Cats United International: Kitten Mills
Views on backyard breeders and kitten mills.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Issues  

Cats and Canines
Wicker baskets and beds, conventional bedding, toys, collars and leads, and travel accessories.   Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs  

The Meditative Cat
Meditation inspiration, animal welfare information and links, a cyberclub for cats, pictures of the great outdoors and lots of very photogenic felines.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Personal Pages  

Cat Fancier's Association: Plants and Your Cat
List of house plants which are poisonous to cats.   Health: Animal: Mammals: Cats  

So You Wanna Have a Well-behaved Cat
Articles detailing how to improve your cat's behavior, including correcting litter box accidents, cat-proofing your home and preventing chewing and clawing.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Behavior  

The Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club
A TICA-affiliated club dedicated to cats and their health and happiness.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Clubs  

Your Cat's Guide to Your Computer
An essay on computers from a cat's perspective.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Humor  

Kit Cat Clocks
The legendary timepiece with the pendulum tail and rolling eyes.   Shopping: Pets: Theme Merchandise: Cats  

Cat Toys from Trash by Tyler the Cat
How to recycle trash into toys. Also, cat toy ideas contributed by readers.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Resources  

My Black Cat
Photos and profile of my black cat and links to other black cat sites.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Personal Pages: One-Cat Homes  

Off the Wall Cat Furniture Company
Offering walkways, perches, and balconies. Includes videos of pets playing on sectional and wall-mounted trees.   Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs: Beds and Furniture: Cats  

Stray Cat Webring
For sites dealing with stray and homeless cats.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Web Rings  

Summer Street Cat Clinic
Buffalo and Getzville, NY. The purrrfect place for cats. Our site has tons of information about both our practices including maps and directions. Check out our newsletter, find valuable coupons, shop our store or browse through the online encyclopedia.   Health: Animal: Veterinary Medicine: Veterinarians: Feline  

The Traditional and Classic Cat Association (TCCA)

Non-profit association and registry, founded in 1987, whose goal is to promote, protect, preserve and perpetuate the traditional cat breeds.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Pedigree Registration  

Feral Cat Foundation
A non-profit, volunteer-run cat rescue group has cats and kittens available for adoption to loving homes. Photos available on-line. Operates a trap-neuter-release program to manage and control the feral cat population in Contra Costa and Alameda counties.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Rescues and Shelters: North America: United States: California  

Projecte de traducció de l'Skype en català, des del portal Fes-Ho-Cat. Novetats, notícies, versions i correccions.   World: Català: Informàtica: Internet  

Domini Punt CatEditor's Choice   - Domini destinat a la comunitat lingüística i cultural catalana. Història, funcionament i notícies.   World: Català: Informàtica: Internet: Noms de domini: Domini .cat  

CFA International Cat Show
Details of the largest cat show held annually in North America. This site provides details and pictures of the shows winners.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Shows and Showing  

Unmoderated e-mail discussion group for clicker training for cats.   Recreation: Pets: Cats: Chats and Forums  


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