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Card Collector

Card Collector

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"Card Collector" Sites

Collectors Society
An online collectors site for coins, comics and sports cards that includes message boards, registries and further information on a paid subscription basis.   Recreation: Collecting  

Don Troy's Playboy Collectors Card Information Site
A reference and resource for collectors and dealers of Playboy trading cards.   Recreation: Collecting: Trading Cards  

The Consummate Card Collector
Provides a nice look at the sportscard industry. Features information explaining the various kinds of cards and ways to collect them.   Recreation: Collecting: Sports: Cards  

Collector Link
Search engine for locating trading card collecting sites. Over 2000 sites are catalogued.   Recreation: Collecting: Trading Cards  

Improbable Mission
Providing checklists, images and general information to collectors of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Covers both the English and the Japanese versions of both card games.   Games: Trading Card Games  

Business Card Collecting
Business card collecting facts, fun, and information. Links to business card collectors and traders around the world.   Recreation: Collecting: Out of the Ordinary  

Georgetown Card Exchange
For collectors of sports and non-sports trading cards and bean bag collectibles.   Shopping: Sports: Trading Cards  

Queensland Card Collectors Society
The QCCS Inc. is a club of approx. 115 members who collect postcards, trade cards and cigarette cards.   Recreation: Collecting: Postcards: Exchange Groups  

The International Playing-Card SocietyEditor's Choice   - Members range from beginners through to expert in their fields with all aspects of playing-card activities, represented-games, players, collectors and those interested in the historical aspects of playing-cards.   Recreation: Collecting: Toys: Games: Playing Cards: Organizations  

Collector's Cache
Overland Park, Kansas: offers trading card game cards; also Beanie Babies.   Shopping: Toys and Games: Trading Cards  

Card Collectors Frame Craft
Instructions to make a frame to display your Pokemon cards.   Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Crafts  

Stickers and Cards from New Zealand
Collector guide to stickers and cards. Pictures a variety including Star Wars, Toy Story 2, Digimon, and Xena.   Recreation: Collecting: Stickers  

The London Cigarette Card Company
Supplier of cigarette cards, trade cards, collector, and baseball cards. Includes listings and collecting information. Located in the UK.   Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Advertising Collectibles: Trade Cards  

Card Collector News
Oplysninger om danske og udenlandske telekort, m√łntkort og Go-Cards/gratis reklamepostkort, rackcards fra Danmark og udlandet samt Coca-Cola effekter.   World: Dansk: Fritid: Samlere  

Buffalo Bills Trading Card Forum
A place were collectors of Buffalo Bills football cards can come together to trade cards, post want lists, and find general information about the Buffalo Bills and Marv Levy.   Sports: Football: American: NFL: Buffalo Bills  

Collectors Gallery
Packaging for birthdays, weddings, holidays. Also, photo greeting card materials for the holidays and special occasions.   Shopping: Gifts: Stationery: Gift Wrap  

Chicago Bulls Collector
Fan page focusing on cards and Scottie Pippen. Bulls gallery includes some vintage pictures.   Sports: Basketball: Professional: NBA: Chicago Bulls  

International Cards & Stickers
Collector's site, latest news, find dealer's and share information.   Shopping: Sports: Soccer: Collectibles: Trading Cards  

National Collectors Marketplace
Comicbook and trading card event, held 5 times a year in London. Includes information on card, comic and collectable events.   Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Arts and Entertainment: Comics: Conventions  

KARS Unlimited
Offers large selection of phonecards, Smart Cards and a variety of services for the collectors worldwide.   Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Phonecards  


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