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News: Online Archives: 2001: July: Business   (17 matches)

Shopping: Consumer Electronics: B  
Shopping: Entertainment  
Home: Consumer Information: Home and Family: Furniture  
Home: Consumer Information: Sports and Recreation: Cycling  

"Buy Music" Sites

Jsat buys data firm for broadband foray
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2001: July: Business  

Best Buy
Online presence of the home electronics retailer.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: B, Inc.
Offering computer hardware and software, electronics, books, games, DVDs, music CDs and downloads, and toys.   Shopping: Entertainment  

How to Buy Upholstered Furniture
Tips and explanations, plus a checklist for buying upholstered furniture.   Home: Consumer Information: Home and Family: Furniture  

eHow to Buy a Used Bike
How-to centers that give consumer information, shopping advice, as well as how to do things such as projects.   Home: Consumer Information: Sports and Recreation: Cycling
Offers cellular phones and accessories such as data kits, car cords, car chargers, leathers cases and home chargers.   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Communications: Wireless: Cellular Phones  

AT&T may buy KPNQwest assets
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: June: Business  

Ahold unit buys Allen Foods in U.S.
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: December: Business  

Liberty Media to buy Casema
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: August: Business  

Germany clears E.ON's Ruhrgas buy
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: July: Business  

Buy Nothing Christmas
National initiative started by Canadian Mennonites to de-commercialize Christmas and re-design a Christian lifestyle that is richer in meaning, smaller in impact upon the earth, and greater in giving to people less-privileged.   Society: Issues: Environment: Consumerism  

HowStuffWorks: How to Buy a Car
Article discussing information to research before visiting a dealership.   Home: Consumer Information: Automobiles: Purchasing  

Cycle Photo
Buy, sell, shop, list for sale; motorcycles, parts, and services. Free 60 day ads.   Recreation: Motorcycles: Classifieds and Bulletin Boards  

Buy & Sell on Auctions
Introduction to online auctions includes buying and selling tips.   Home: Consumer Information: Auctions  

Buy Digital Images
General images available for individual download.   Business: Arts and Entertainment: Photography: Stock: Royalty Free  

Benetton to buy Italian highway
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: November: Business  

Buy a Diamond
Diamond buying advice. Includes facts about the origins of diamonds and how the stones progress from rough to cut.   Home: Consumer Information: Jewelry and Gemstones  

Don't Buy from
Details negative buying experiences with DIADA USA, owner of and Unigift.   Home: Consumer Information: Complaints  

Auto Protection
Searchable database of new and used vehicles for sale by private party and dealers, where consumers may buy or sell.   Shopping: Classifieds: Automotive  

Buy Me A New Stereo
Maintains that an over-stuffed wallet is bad for your back.   Society: People: Requesting Help: Make Me Rich  


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