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Business And Economy

Business And Economy

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"Business And Economy" Sites

World Economy Coverage
News and analysis of economic news and issues from World Socialist Web Site.   News: Current Events: Business and Economy  

CIA World FactbookEditor's Choice   - U.S. government profiles of countries and territories around the world. Information on geography, people, government, transportation, economy, communications, military, and transnational issues.
--   Regional  

Slovakia.orgEditor's Choice   - Sections on politics, culture, economy, history, society and travel.   Regional: Europe: Slovakia: Guides and Directories  

Information on Finnish industry and economy.   Regional: Europe: Finland: Business and Economy  

Dutch National Accounts, 1800-1913
Analysis of the development of the Dutch Economy in the period 1800-1913. Dutch GNP and its components. Historical statistics.   Regional: Europe: Netherlands: Business and Economy  

Russian Economy: Trends and Perspectives
Monthly journal includes information on state of the federal budget, monetary policy, financial markets, real estate sector, agriculture, foreign trade and other issues of the Russian economy. Free access.   Regional: Europe: Russia: Business and Economy  

The Economy in a Can
An interactive service designed to deliver economic information to business owners, job seekers, economic development professionals and researchers   News: Current Events: Business and Economy  

Slovakia Yellow Pages
Includes basic facts and figures, maps, geography and economy, travel and political information.   Regional: Europe: Slovakia: Guides and Directories  

Kilkenny County Enterprise Board
Providing support and development of the local economy.   Regional: Europe: Ireland: Kilkenny: Business and Economy  

Models of the Economy
Provides essays about and software for forecasting the economy through the use of financial and macroeconomic models.   Science: Social Sciences: Economics  

Fears Grow for US Economy
The US economy was 'sluggish' even before the attacks in New York and Washington, the Federal Reserve warns.   Society: Issues: Warfare and Conflict: Specific Conflicts: War on Terrorism: News and Media: September 11, 2001: BBC News  

Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa
Non-profit organisation focussing on effective participation by individual Southern African countries and SADC in the global economy. Documents, database, information on partners, events, news.   Society: Government: Multilateral: Regional: Southern African Development Community: Business and Economy  

Brasov Travel Guide
Guide to both Brasov and the rest of the country, featuring information on destinations, resorts, history, statistics and economy, transportation, accommodation and folklore.   Regional: Europe: Romania: Localities: Brasov: Business and Economy  

The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture
A selection of media reviews (key paragraphs)
about Manuel Castells' trilogy.   Society: Politics: Globalization  

PBS NewsHour: Business and Economy Coverage
News, analysis, and reporting.   Business: News and Media  

EC Enterprise and Industry - Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals and Other Materials
Provides an ananysis of the non-energy minerals economy and an detailed overview of mineral companies in Europe.   Society: Government: Multilateral: Regional: European Union: Policies and Programs: Business and Economy  

The False Promise of the Hydrogen Economy
A site that examines the negative factors facing the proponents of a hydrogen economy.   Science: Technology: Energy: Hydrogen  

Argentine president urges consensus to invigorate economy
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2001: March: World: Americas  

Bahrain - Ministry of Finance and National Economy
Information on public finances and the economy.   Society: Government: Finance: Ministries  

Aust. leaves rates on hold as economy eases
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2002: September: Business  


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