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Bus Extender

Bus Extender

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"Bus Extender" in Open Directory Categories (1-5 of 5)
  1. Computers: Hardware: Peripherals: Switching Devices   (10 matches)
  2. Computers: Data Communications: Digital Hierarchy   (1)
  3. Shopping: Sports: Curling   (1)
  4. World: Latviski: Veselība: Pakalpojumi   (1)
  5. Shopping: Health: Reproduction and Sexuality: Penis Enlargement   (1)

"Bus Extender" in Open Directory Sites (1-20 of 69)

  1. Rextron Technology, Inc. - Offers keyboard, video and mouse switches and VGA extenders [Taiwan based].
    --   Computers: Hardware: Peripherals: Switching Devices   (10)

  2. T1 T-extender - DCB's T1 repeater for customer-owned cable.
    --   Computers: Data Communications: Digital Hierarchy   (1)

  3. The Extender - Curling Aid - This new curling accessory will extend your curling for years.
    --   Shopping: Sports: Curling   (1)

  4. Andro-Penis extender - ierīce locekļa palielināšanai - Spāņu firmas AndroMedical izstrādātās ierīces Andro-Penis ekskluzīvais izplatītājs Baltijas valstīs. Konsultatīvais atbalsts, mazum un vairumtirdzniecība, garantijas servisa nodrošināšana.
    --   World: Latviski: Veselība: Pakalpojumi   (1)

  5. JES Extender - Non-surgical method for permanently lengthening the penis up to 5 cm. Find out how it works, read testimonials, read test results and press clips.
    --   Shopping: Health: Reproduction and Sexuality: Penis Enlargement   (1)

  6. Battery Extender - Offers a product from Japan to extend the life of lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones, PDA's, and games consoles.
    --   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Accessories: Batteries   (1)

  7. LT-Extender - Ein Programm, welches AutoCAD LT mit den ARX und AutoLISP Programmierschnittstellen erweitert, sowie mit anderen Befehlen der vollen AutoCAD-Versionen.
    --   World: Deutsch: Computer: CAD und CAM: AutoCAD   (1)

  8. LT-Extender - Software that extends AutoCAD LT with ARX and AutoLisp programming interfaces, as well as with other commands known from the full version of AutoCAD.
    --   Computers: CAD and CAM: AutoCAD: Applications: Productivity Utilities   (1)

  9. FAS: KC-10A Extender - A comprehensive resource with statistical information, aircraft specifications, and a small image gallery.
    --   Society: Military: Aviation: Aircraft: Airlifters: KC-10 Extender   (1)

  10. Mileage Extender - Increases gas mileage and decreases wind drag in pickups.
    --   Shopping: Vehicles: Parts and Accessories: Trucks, Vans, and Sport Utility: Bed and Cargo   (2)

  11. The Swing Extender - Presents description and purchase information for aid to help develop swing extension.
    --   Shopping: Sports: Golf: Training Aids: The Swing   (1)

  12. Apple Airport Base Station Page - How to repair common problems, configure a station, retrofit extender antennas, and add ventilation to prolong station life.
    --   Computers: Data Communications: Wireless   (2)

  13. Re-Volt Extender - Présentation du jeu, actualités et téléchargements.
    --   World: Français: Jeux: Jeux vidéo: Simulation: Conduite et courses: Re-Volt   (1)

  14. Wireless Extender - Offers signal booster that improves indoor signal coverage.
    --   Shopping: Consumer Electronics: Communications: Wireless: Cellular Phones: Accessories: W   (1)

  15. FileBox eXtender - Access applications or the standard Windows file open and file save dialog boxes from two helpful icon buttons on the right side of the current window's title bar.
    --   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Utilities: Desktop and System: Management: Menu and Program Launchers   (1)

  16. L&G Products, Inc. - Makes, sells Add-A-Stick (active) and Add-A-Boot (passive) extenders for excavator booms, custom built, for 30,000 to 500,000 lb. machines, up to 20 extra feet of reach, for hard to reach or dangerous projects. Minnesota, USA.
    --   Business: Construction and Maintenance: Tools and Equipment: Earthmoving: Accessories-Attachments   (2)

  17. Sanji Security Systems - Manufacturer of infra red remote extender suitable for extending the range of satellite or any infra red remote control. Works through walls.
    --   Business: Consumer Goods and Services: Electronics   (1)

  18. Kull Food Technologies - Specializes in flavor enhancers based on by-products from food processing, and on food extenders from various commodities.
    --   Business: Food and Related Products: Additives   (1)

  19. EzTest - Provides PCI and AGP Diagnostic cards, bus extenders and memory adapters. CPU testing tools. PGA sockets.
    --   Computers: Hardware: Test Equipment   (1)

  20. AZ-Com Inc. - Offer electronic, mini, and passive extenders for PCI and compactPCI.
    --   Computers: Hardware: Embedded   (1)


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