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"Book Cover" Sites

The Romance Studio
A community site for fans of romantic fiction - readers, authors, agents, publishers, book sellers, cover models and other industry professionals.   Arts: Literature: Genres: Romance  

A World of Romance Book Cover Art
Romance book cover art and romantic images made into desktop wallpaper.   Arts: Literature: Genres: Romance: Covers  

Book Cover Design by Brion
Offers book cover design, author websites, and book marketing materials for self publishing writers.   Business: Publishing and Printing: Publishing: Services: Design  

Atlas Book Bindery Ltd.
Offers hard cover, fan, and perfect binding as well as Smyth sewing and book restorations. Canada.   Business: Publishing and Printing: Binding and Finishing: Bookbinding  

Beach, Lou
Magazine and book cover, editorial, and music industry illustrations.   Arts: Illustration: Editorial Illustration  

Palladium Books Reference
Listing of the products Palladium has published, with cover scans, ISBN numbers, cover prices, and print status.   Games: Roleplaying  

Freddy the Pig, by Walter R. Brooks
A personal appreciation page, with plot descriptions and cover scans for each book in the series.   Arts: Literature: Children's: Children's Series Books  

Thermal binding presentation cover systems for the in-house production of legal documents and business reports with the book-like appearance of commercial binding.   Business: Publishing and Printing: Binding and Finishing: Equipment and Supplies  

Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming
The book provides an introduction to and overview of component software. Covers MS (D)
, OMG CORBA, IBM SOM as well as more theoretical programming language aspects. By Clemens Szyperski, Addison-Wesley.,1144,0201745720,00.html   Computers: Programming: Component Frameworks: Books  

Book Sox
Stretchable fabric book covers for hard-covered books.   Shopping: Publications: Books: Accessories  

Soundview Executive Book Summaries
Provides summaries of the best business books in print and audio format. A subscription covers 30 books per year, sent monthly.   Business: News and Media
Diagrams, history, relationship with math, gallery, and book reviews with cover shots.   Arts: Crafts: Origami  

Phoenix Publishing Group
Service oriented site offers self publishing information, manuscript evaluations and editing, book cover evaluations and designs, production, marketing, and a bookstore of sample self published books.   Business: Publishing and Printing: Publishing: Self-Publishing: Subsidy Press  

Thinking in C++ (2nd Edition)

This two volume book, which covers Standard C++, is available free on-line. Includes reader comments and a link to subscribe to Eckel's mailing list. (Bruce Eckel)   Computers: Programming: Languages: C++: Books  

The Enid Blyton SocietyEditor's Choice   - UK based society which aims to promote the author worldwide. Includes journal, society archives, book listings and first edition cover scans, book reviews, subscription and membership information, forums, and a quiz.   Arts: Literature: Children's: Authors: B: Blyton, Enid  

Smoke & Mirrors: The Canadian Tobacco War
Complete online book (370 pages in printed form)
covers tobacco history, issues, players, strategy, and industry in Canada.   Health: Specific Substances: Tobacco: Resources  

Tobacco in Australia: Facts and Issues
A complete, online, book, with all citations to the literature. Covers cigarettes, other tobacco products; statistics and trends; health effects; smoking in the workplace and public places; public policy; addiction; quitting; anti-smoking campaigns; and the tobacco industry.   Health: Addictions: Substance Abuse: Tobacco  

C# Book Online
A book that covers all the major aspects of the programming language.   Computers: Programming: Languages: C-sharp: Books  

Jay's Comic Book Compendium
Provides an online guide to various comic book series. Includes an issue-by-issue review with cover gallery, credits, synopses, notes, and commentary.   Arts: Comics: Publishers: M: Marvel  

UMC: The Bible: The Book that Bridges the Millennia
A presentation of the Bible by the United Methodist Church. Part I covers the origins of the Bible. Part II deals with its interpretation and authority.   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Bible  


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