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Back To The Future

Back To The Future

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Recreation: Food: Wild Foods  
Society: Issues: Education: Home Schooling  
Computers: Hardware: Retailers: B  
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"Back To The Future" Sites

Eric's Back to the Future & DeLorean Page
About the Las Vegas ride, cast information, details about the movies, and links.   Arts: Movies: Titles: B: Back to the Future Series  

Back to the Future...The Webpage
Offers sounds, movies, pictures, quizzes, trivia, little known facts, scripts, and even monthly polls.   Arts: Movies: Titles: B: Back to the Future Series  

Back to the Future: Where Now for Bush Foods?
Article written in 1999 discussing the commercial viability of certain native Australian plants. Includes photographs and bibliography.   Recreation: Food: Wild Foods  

Cato Institute: Homeschooling: Back to the Future?
An analysis of factors contributing to the growing popularity and products of schooling at home. Includes history and FAQ.   Society: Issues: Education: Home Schooling  

Back Thru the Future
Refurbished computers and parts.   Computers: Hardware: Retailers: B  

Future Health Bulletin
Email bulletins on internet and other technologies in health. Contains an archive of back issues, contact details, news and subscription details.   Health: Medicine: Informatics: Journals  

Future Perfect Studios
Builds back-end software for E-Commerce, publishing and digital rights management.   Computers: Software: Business: E-Commerce  

Travelfurther Day of the Week Calculator
Calculator based on the Zeller Congruence. Valid present, future and back to the mid-18th century.   Reference: Time: Current Time  

Successful Restaurant Design
Resource (book)
covering restaurant front and back-of-the-house topics, including basic design (interior and kitchen)
, sample projects, interviews with leading designers and restaurateurs, and a look at the future of restaurant design.   Business: Hospitality: Design and Project Management  

Introduction to Thoughtful Programming and Forth Philosophy
By Michael Misamore; essay with text and references, on a flexible, proven, back-to-basics, minimalist philosophy that operates consistently from low to high abstraction levels; with ideas for future improvements. [Freely Distributable]   Computers: Programming: Methodologies  

Copplestone Castings
Former Foundry sculptor Mark Copplestone's own range of miniature figures that include Darkest Africa, Future Wars and Back of Beyond pieces.   Games: Miniatures: Manufacturers  

Church of Scientology Back to the Future
An article about the Buffalo church, the construction of its new quarters and its work to help the community. [Buffalo Business First]   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Scientology: Church of Scientology: News and Media  

Back to the Future
An assessment of some of the unorthodox forms of biomedical intervention currently being applied.   Society: Issues: Health: Conditions and Diseases: Autism  

Ky. House backs hemp research - Bill OK'd to explore future of crop
Associated Press story, The Cincinnati Enquirer.   Society: Issues: Business: Agriculture: Industrial Hemp  

Futures Trading Through Back Testing
Weekly analysis of the US Bond market with a real money trade record. Advanced trading course.   Business: Investing: Commodities and Futures: Futures: Education and Training  

Back Thru the Future Micro Computers
Facilities in Atlanta, Chicago, Northern NJ, and San Jose. Specializes in finding reuse for surplus desktop technology. Non reusable components are recycled in the best environmental practices available.   Science: Environment: Pollution Prevention and Recycling: Materials Exchanges: Computer Hardware  

Back Thru the Future Microcomputers
Refurbished Apple II drives, cards, and monitors. Online shopping.   Computers: Systems: Apple: Apple II: Vendors  

British Columbia Back Country
Off roading in Southwest British Columbia. Includes trips summaries, club membership, tips, future trips, photos and related links.   Recreation: Autos: Enthusiasts: 4x4: Clubs  

Too far back to the future
from The Guardian,3604,805962,00.html   Society: Religion and Spirituality: Opposing Views: Christianity: Catholicism: Opus Dei  

Kim, Putin head back to the future
[CNN]   News: Online Archives: 2001: August: World: Asia  


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