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Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety

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"Aviation Safety" Sites

Smoke Hoods and Aviation Safety
A brief article outlining the issue of the use of smoke hoods on airplanes for passengers.   Science: Technology: Aerospace: Aeronautics: Safety of Aviation  

National Transportation Safety Board - Aviation Branch
US Government authority responsible for maintaining the standards of the US aviation industry.   Recreation: Aviation: Regulations  

Transport Canada, Civil Aviation headquarters, with information on safety and other regulations.   Society: Government: Aviation Authorities  

Aviation Safety Group of New England
A non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of aviation safety.   Science: Technology: Aerospace: Aeronautics: Safety of Aviation  

Safety Regulation Group
United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, news, events, comments, glossary, licensing, and links.   Recreation: Aviation: Regulations  

Danish Civil Aviation Administration (Statens Luftfartsvæsen)
, with facts about flight safety, and air law and regulations.   Society: Government: Aviation Authorities  

Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia
A guide for airline passengers to help them fly safely.   Society: Issues: Transportation: Aviation  

Pro Aviation Safety Training
Provides safety training including helicopter/aircraft ditching, underwater egress and sea survival courses. Details of courses, background information and tuition schedule.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Aviation: Education and Training  

Lagarhus Aviation Consulting
Services for flight operations, technical and ground operations. Specialized in ISO, JAR and FAR. Airline audits and advise in airline safety.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Aviation: Consulting  

Aviation Accident Law News - NTSB
Information on airplane accidents. Links for consumers who wish to report aviation safety concerns or who have specific knowledge of federal violations. Includes accident reports.   Recreation: Aviation: Resources  

Aviation Safety Cards
A website with the aircraft safety cards collection of Aaron Yan(Singapore)
.   Recreation: Collecting: Out of the Ordinary  

Aviation Patient Safety
Provides resources to improve patient safety using lessons learned from the commercial airlines; site includes links and information on aviation based crew resource management procedures applied to hospital patient safety.   Health: Public Health and Safety: Patient Safety  

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Establishes civil aviation safety and security standards, carries out accident and incident investigations and collates this material to establish an industry-wide safety picture.   Science: Technology: Safety Engineering: Air Safety  

I Fly America Online
Comprehensive aviation association for flyers and enthusiasts providing information on safety, destinations, air shows.   Recreation: Aviation: Organizations  

SSi: Safety and Security Instruction
SSi is a full-service elearning company focused exclusively on providing safety and security instruction to airports, airlines and other commercial aviation related companies. We develop and communicate programs required by DOT, DHS, TSA and FAA.   Shopping: Recreation: Aviation: Software: Training  

Air Safety Analysis Corporation
Airspace Safety Analysis Corporation provides industry-leading FAA/FCC regulatory compliance services and cutting edge aviation procedure design.   Science: Technology: Aerospace: Aeronautics: Air Traffic Control: Organizations  

Federal Aviation Association - International Aviation Safety Assessment
Resources on safety and regulation.   Society: Law: Legal Information: Aviation Law  

Aviation Safety Data Exchange
Site for safety information and regulations for amateur built aircraft   Recreation: Aviation: Aircraft: Homebuilt  

Aviation Safety Foundation Australia
Independent body promoting aviation safety. Site includes news and views.   Regional: Oceania: Australia: Transportation  

International Aviation Safety Organization
Consumer watchdog group.   Home: Consumer Information: Travel: Air  


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