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Accounting System

Accounting System

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"Accounting System" Sites

Align Systems - Aeonscope
Australian company offering Oracle-based accounting and project management systems for medium to large sized organisations.   Computers: Software: Accounting  

Rental Control Management System
Rental software with fully integrated accounting, barcode support including PDA wireless data collection, thin client interface, and web based e-commerce.   Computers: Software: Industry-Specific  

Investment Management System (IMS)

Portfolio management and accounting system which provides a scalable and integrated real time solution. Offers functionalities such as accounting, portfolio modeling, positions workshop-scenario tool, compliance and reporting.   Business: Investing: Software: Back Office  

180 Systems, Independent consultants for Accounting and ERP Systems.
We will review your current accounting system and help extend its usefulness. If replacement is necessary, we will only recommend the one that's best based on our extensive knowledge of available solutions.   Computers: Consultants: Business Systems: Accounting: North America  

Softrak Systems Inc.
Develops accounting software, including its Adagio suite of products and ACCPAC plus companion products.   Computers: Software: Accounting  

Nortridge Software Inc.
A client-server, Windows based loan servicing system for lenders of all types and sizes. Specialises in areas of loan accounting, processing, and servicing.   Computers: Software: Industry-Specific  

(Phoenix Systems Inc)
Interactive, mutual fund portfolio/fund accounting system, able to process funds of every type. MPACS combines portfolio, general ledger and pricing functions into a single integrated system that is intuitive enough to be used by non-fund accountants.   Business: Investing: Software: Back Office  

Industry Specific Accounting Applications
Micro Business Systems - Industry Specific Accounting Applications Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics, Small Business Manager, QuickBooks. Consulting for small to medium sized businesses.   Computers: Consultants: Business Systems: Accounting: North America  

Advantegard Systems International
AIM series of software and ASP services for manufacturing, accounting and distribution.   Computers: Software: ERP  

SOMA - fleet management system
Integrated software solution for fleet operators that covers various aspects of transport industry such as fleet maintenance, accounting, payroll, inventory, and invoicing.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Trucking: Software  

Northwest Information Systems, Inc . Located in Kirkland, Washington, USA.  
Computers: Software: Databases: Pick  

GST / VAT Accounting and Invoicing
Invoicing version is a complete sales management system with inventory management, customer tracking, sales tracking, and mailing list management. The accounting version can produce a variety of expense, income, profit, and general ledger and tax reports. [Win 95/98/NT]   Computers: Software: Shareware: Windows: Business and Finance  

Information System Services
Specialists in the design and implementation of resource accounting and chargeback systems on the mainframe, UNIX Open Systems, and LAN platforms.   Computers: Software: Consultants  

Profitmaster Systems Ltd.
Wholesale and distribution software including integrated accounting, order processing, stock control and e-commerce. Accounting is specific to UK requirements.   Business: Transportation and Logistics: Distribution and Logistics: Distribution: Software  

Software and hardware systems for grain accounting, fertilizer management, feed management, and fuel accounting.   Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Software  

Student Activity Accounting
A Fund Accounting and Human Resource Financial Management System designed for the K-12 Educational Market. Software system is open source, very robust, and feature-rich with all the functions that a central office will need to operate.   Computers: Software: Educational: Administration and School Management  

Corporate Logic Software
Provides a proposal based accounting system for small to medium businesses.   Business: Small Business: Finance: Accounting  

KP Payroll system
Developer for KP Payroll software and sole distributor for DacEasy accounting software and ecommerce solution provider.   Computers: Software: Human Resources  

Micro Computer Systems
TMInvent optimizes an accounting system for production management. Supports inventory control and reporting, simplifies entry and posting procedures for parts, allows user-assigned names for storage bin labels.   Computers: Software: Manufacturing  

Windows Vending Software
Complete inventory system, with accounting, route scheduling, contact management, and archiving. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.   Computers: Software: Business: Small Business  


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